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A sprawling 140+ minute compendium covering some thirty odd years of marginal fringe fuckery, this takes in several of the key trajectories covered on MS, from L.A. Music Society (Solid Eye, Points Of Friction, Smegma and Tom Recchion) to Caroliner Rainbow and it's various maladapted offspring ala Fat Worm Of Error and Hans Grusel's Krankenkabinet alongside a raft of other notables like The Sun City Girls, Stilluppsteypa, Metalux, Mono Pause and several reps of the Michigan noise mafia from Wolf Eyes to Nautical Almanac. Peak bits here for me? Fat Worm Of Error's dada spasms, Solid Eye's fantastic live version of Flag Etiquette from their debut CD, The magical Francois Bayle-meets-Anne Gillis electroacoustics of Leticia Castaneda, the wonky robots-in-an-aquarium sonics of Points Of Friction, The Spider Compass Good Crime Band's martian tango, Stilluppsteypa's subterranean surrealism, Black Bear Combo's Che-Shizu-like see-sawing trudge, Hans Grusel's Krankabinet's morse code transmission to Raymond Scott, Caroliner's signature ergot poisoned wheeze, The Ritualistic School Of Error's ballet for broken vinyl and organ grinder's monkeys, Smegma with Wild Man Fisher's inspired extemporaneous non sequiturs and Tom Recchion's maniacal spin cycle "Voodoo Hell In Haiti".

disc 1

Nautical Almanac - Found Round
Mitchell Brown / Albert Ortega - Baumhaus Softshoe
Fat Worm Of Error - Pesky Fly
Solid Eye - Flag Etiquette
Sun City Girls - Swami Blood Stool
At Jennie Richie - Warned
Leticia Castaneda - The Careful Steppin' Daisy
De Honden Koen Jes Fabriek - Judas In Takkitakki-Land
Gromskull - Microscopic Eyepiece
SIXES - Hinnom
Tom Grimley - Automatic Duet For Mobile Instrument With Legs, The Maestro (Pandoras Box) And Binary Remote Control
Points Of Friction - Neighbor's Purse
Masonic Youth - Debirth Through Rergressive Hypnotis
Spider Compass Good Crime Band - In Between The Kneed For Nourshment And Lateral Meniscal Cartilage-Bowls
Tres Quatro / Friends Forever - Graffiti Serpent
Quem Quaeritis - ...Giant Ants Who Ruled An Island And Ate All The Tourists
Monstrosity Brinkman - Eydie-Eyedie-Eydie
Wolf Eyes - Live Transmissions From Oakland, 5-5-5 AD

disc 2

Stilluppsteypa - Demon Jukebox
Black Bear Combo - Wooden Ship
Liz Allbee - The Clibey Truce
Hans Grusel's Krankenkabinet - Untitled #7
Caroliner Rainbow Water Tainted Finger Sap - Drying Of The Ocean
Panicsville - Bovine Dreams Of Slaughtering Scenes
Ritualistic School Of Errors - Macroglossia
Tarantism - Love Song Of The Hymenoptera
Fckn'Bstrds - Fokstrof
Smegma / Wild Man Fischer - ...As I Did Then
Bran (Another Plight Of Medic's...) The Pos - Forelump
Metalux - Crooked Mist
Pod Blotz - Fishing Through A Squeaky Pond
Mono Pause - Lowland Cyst
Tom Recchion - Voodoo Hell In Haiti
Damion Romero / Jarrett Silberman - Untitled
Nora Keyes / Count Loachfillet - Daddy's Gone (Loached)
Nautical Almanac - Found Round 1

Note: links removed at the request of the label, from whom it's still evidently available (my google search prior to posting turned up nada, so...). Anyway,
go Here if you're interested in an original.


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