Sunday, April 25, 2010


Though a goodly chunk of the humorous content here will fly right past non-Spanish speakers, the musical eccentricity of this Argentine satirical troupe registers clearly enough. Armed with both conventional and handmade instruments and a will to subvert booth the classical and folk idioms, the results on this debut album of theirs are variable, but there's enough distinct nuttiness afoot to merit it being featured here, with chamber music and Argentine folk themes subjected to various de-tunings and structural improprieties and surrounded by sound effects, massed muttering and avuncular narration. Thanks to blog friend Jack C. for providing this one.

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Jack Celliers said...

You're welcome :)

polen said...

i remember this album, i used to hear it when i was little because of my parents. it is fun.
it is beautiful that you have it here among such great stuff

A Nony Mous said...

Seems like a dozen CD's of theirs, including this one, are available at CD Universe. LES LUTHIERS
...actually, so does Amazon carry those: MORE LUTHIERS

In Spanish, their website is pretty informative and comprehensive:

Probably still good for info if put through a translator too.

Anonymous said...

I downloaded this Les Lutheirs album form here, and track 11 is missing. Any chance you could replace that? Thanks,

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I noticed that too. Track 11 is M.I.A.

fortin100 said...

It s incredible to find this stuff here . We , Argentinian people , grew up hearing and going to the theatre to see Les Luthiers . Everybody likes them . Maybe you should try to watch a DVD , just to understand what they represent to us . I would tell you to look for " Viejos Fracasos " Its a 1977 show in Chile , in black and white . Thanks for this surprise

Anonymous said...

chek out some of my newer noise cuts.

Leandro said...