Thursday, July 22, 2010


A psychoactive beacon of some real substance from deep within the crusty UK space rock scene of the 90's, though divining that requires some initial suspension of disbelief, as the deliberately ludicrous angle of approach that some of this takes bring up mental images of Cheech and Chong standing in for Timothy Leary during the Cosmic Jokers' sessions for 7-Up, while other bits sound like the after effects of too much time spent with Dr. Who re-runs. Put the jokier aspects aside though and you'll quickly find that Dave Tor and crew were well steeped in the fundamentals of kosmiche time slippages and wormhole tunneling. The scene requisite Hawkwind nods are there, but unexpectedly emerge more from the rustic and folky dimension of Hawkwind's debut and work as a calmative counterpoint to the more liquidly phasing and astrally inclined portions here.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Eric! I remember when these came out (were there 4?) and heard them at a friends place. There is also a rare collaboration with Humus called Euphoric Darkness. Do you have that? I would love to hear that again!

- Billy Thompson

Roger Mexico said...

There were 4 albums, this being the 3rd.

I had a copy of their 1st 'Space Is The Place' that I picked up from an Oxfam shop for next-to-nothing. It looked as if it had never been played. Rather daftly, I played it a couple of times and then sold it on without burning a copy. Oh well...

Anonymous said...

dave tor is still selling the remainder ofpoorperson productions stuff on ebay. type in earcandy or purple algae and you'll find it.seller name is poorpproductions
i bought loads of his stuff years ago when he used to have a stall in exeter market
oh yeah i forgot he's selling them really cheap.