Saturday, July 17, 2010


Hello dear friends of the blog
this is Jim,who's alive and well(kind of). In many comments i read that many people are wondering where am i. Well, last year changed my place new people,new reality...due to personal reasons having to do with very bad psychology the last few months i preffered not to post anything at allinstead of doing it just because i have to(this would lead to bad results).Hope pretty soon to be well and active again....till then i don't know how to express my gratefulness to my BEST FRIEND Eric who's doing an excellent job keeping this blog alive.Thnk you very much my friend....
and as we sa in my new home country.
bis bald
Jim Mutantsounds


gilhodges said...

Take a breath. Relax. We are deeply appreciative of all your (and Eric's) efforts. Whatever you provide is plenty, and we are plenty grateful.

Anonymous said...

Best wishes, Jim
Thanks for all the great posts

Anonymous said...

glad to hear from you. take care and I hope you can post when things get better.


Ethan said...

Be well.

Loopy C said...

No truly creative/artistic personality is immune to these periods, the smart ones (as I see you) ride the dynamics of the negative to the next level of their travels with patience and open eyes ;-)

Thanks Jim and Eric for keeping the mutant fires in us all alive.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou for your time & effort, I think we all hope you recover soon. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the blog and I wish you all the best for the future.

Anonymous said...

Take your time, Jim-- we all appreciate what you do, and have no problem with whatever time frame you choose to do it in. Take care! --Dave

abw said...

This blog has enriched my life in so many ways and for that I am very grateful. I wish you all the best and hope you find peace of mind.

H-Cat said...

Wow man, YOU! and this little sanctuary YOU have created are just incredible, honestly I don't know how I'd get by without it.
Hope things turn around for ya.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps just haveing a dose of culture shock? Things pass, and new dayz arrive. Be well :)


Horatio Hufnagel said...


Wish you all the best! Thanks for this great blog!

Greetings from Vienna,

Big Q said...

Hey Jimbo, get well soon ! Thanks to both of you for your cool works and your efforts.

Please just make sure you don't lose your positive American attitude while being in Germany: My German countrymen tend to see the glass half empty. However, actually, it's half full ...

Stay optimistic and you will be back to full strength soon.

All the best,

Bob Hopeless said...


Sorry to hear you have had some tough times going on. We love and appreciate everything Mutant Sounds is...primarily one of the greatest music blogs out there. So rest up, take it easy and thanks for all the great music.

Zer0_II said...

@Jim: I hope your situation improves soon. You deserve the time off. I just hope you don't disappear on us for too long.

@Eric: Thank you for keeping Mutant Sounds going strong. Your work is greatly appreciated


envythedead said...

Jim - I'm not sure what exactly motivates you, but I will forever appreciate all the wonderful music i've discovered through this blog. it's been a terrific gift to an obscure music lover living with such a meager income. It's also opened my eyes to a bunch of music/sounds/noise I had never imagined before. thank you! -james -Portland, OR

Justin said...


I have never met you, but you have turned me on to more music I've never heard than anyone on the planet. I had given up on being able to find incredibly mindblowing music I'd never heard before almost a decade ago. I owe you either 10 million beers, or my firstborn.

Casey said...

We love you and wish you all the best.
take all the time you need.
Looking forward to your return.
Best blog ever.

kingpossum said...

Be well and take care of your health, Jim. That's #1 always.

Your wonderful spirit is embraced by me and many others who enjoy this place, and knowing you're there and working on your personal well being is more important than the posts right now.

(That said, thank you Eric for your energy with the posts!)

Take care,

Anonymous said...

stay good my friend, here we all wait for you but take all your time you need for your settlement.
Other posters are doing a fantastic job providing excellent rarities and other great stuff, this blog will stay forever.
all the best, poseuRRome

Fantastikoi Hxoi said...

best wishes

Fantastikoi Hxoi said...

best wishes

Anonymous said...

Take care Jim und hoffentlich bis bald,
Johan NL

Anonymous said...

Dear Jim,

I would like to thank you for opening a new dimension of music to me. I used to listen mostly progressive rock, blues, jazz, country & hard rock/heavy metal. But, thanks to your amazing web-log, I sometimes listen to art pop, NDW, new wave, minimal synth and even noise & experimental.

I know I would never have the chance to own or even listen to these types of music in my short lifetime. Because I spend lots of money on the Mini-LPs that I love & I still feel I have nothing.

Thanks a million for sharing your magnificent archive.

God Bless You!

faraway said...

Hi there
just came across to this great blog=-i have some stuff from your wanted case you`ll like me to send it to you just write back to this message...bye -[F@R@W@Y]

øשlqæda said...

we love you mutant jim

vdoandsound said...


By all means feel free to send on whatever you've got and feel like sharing! Those want lists are actually Jim's (my partner in the blog), but I'd be happy to share any of this sorta stuff in his absence, as the post you're commenting on discusses. My email address is:

Thanks in advance!


Anonymous said...

Be well Jim, great great great blog!!!
x x x

Robboge said...

Fantastic Blog that has opened me up to some incredible sounds. Keep well!

Anonymous said...

Das wird schon wieder!
Du bist der Beste!!!

Anonymous said...

Lieber Jim,

another thank you for discovering and offering so many beautiful recordings.

Music is a psychic thing and sometimes I needed to get away from it for some time. There is many other beautiful things out here.

Anyways, I just hope you are doing well.

A sunny mountain afternoon greeting & all the very best from Switzerland,


Anonymous said...

Maybe the best blog for music in the sense of diversity. We know such a little part of the wonderful worlds of music. Thank you for opening so many ears and gates to such beautiful, sometimes scaring rooms, halls, palaces and kingdoms!!!

One shall say a few person can change nothing... Yes we can ;)

All the best for you and keep this blog alive!!

Anonymous said...

Best blog\gives you hope for humanity