Thursday, July 22, 2010


A fascinating and very obscure compendium of 90's cassette culture vets and assorted sub-underground movers, appearing here courtesy of blog friend Roger. Standouts include characteristic craziness from the Japanese Ralph Records-damaged autodidact Yximalloo, wonderfully delicate and enigmatic electropop experimentation from longstanding NDW institution Die Welttraumforscher and some sui generis oddness from Switzerland's Diledadafish who successfully navigate a path from Pascal Comelade-like whimsy to strobing Seefeel slurry by way of Dissecting Table-like post-industrial pound without breaking a sweat.

Track listing:

1. Hal Rammel-Prefigured Recollections
2. David Westling-Beleg Ulistas
3. David Westling-Into The Labyrinth
4. David Westling-Once More To This Star
5. Die Welttraumforscher-Die Feuermann & Wasserfrau Suite: Werde Erde
6. Die Welttraumforscher-Die Feuermann & Wasserfrau Suite: Als Ich Zur Sprache Kam
7. Die Welttraumforscher-Die Feuermann & Wasserfrau Suite: Feuergarten
8. Die Welttraumforscher-Die Feuermann & Wasserfrau Suite: Kindersommer
9. Morloops-Dracula-Loop
10. Morloops-Pain-Loop
11. Morloops-Orff-Loop
12. Doc Wor Mirran-Slow #11
13. M. Hovancsek, B. Chabala, J. Cieciel-The Stomp
14. Amy Denio & Mike Hovancsek-Theatralisch Hersagen
15. Diledadafish-Meret Rici Ous
16. Diledadafish-Radio Odessa
17. Diledadafish-One Minute Of Shimmel
18. The Screaming Popeyes-What The Statue Saw
19. Liquid Sound-Peter's Journey
20. Liquid Sound-Great Music In The Body
21. Liquid Sound-Cow-Mouse
22. Neglige - Electronic Underwear-Dreinklang
23. Yximalloo-A Bird
24. Yximalloo-A Horse
25. Yximalloo-A Fish

NOTE: Links removed at the request of the label


Anonymous said...

Thanks, fantastic work of demented art here. very other worldly.

dreams-dxt said...

would it be great to have the Obscure Independent Classics (or the deleted ones) here... thnx!

Stephanie Bonham said...

Great write up. Can't wait to hear!

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