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Krautrock monster alert, folks! Comprised of the trio of Wolfgang Dauner on ringmodulated clavinet and piano, Eberhard Weber on bass, cello and guitar and Fred Braceful on percussion and voice, this is a coruscating masterstroke of hard burning acidic fusion at the point of implosion into the freeform. Released on ECM Records in their nascent days, before the house aesthetic calcified into something much more reserved, Output unfurls itself on a slipstream of droning and groaning spectral esoterica before exploding into the title track's hailstorm of outrageously overdriven ringmodulated clav, octopoidal percussive splatter and fuzz bass fusillades. Output represents Dauner at his most out-on-a-limb, frequently deploying strategies that he and Braceful would explore at greater length on the eponymous first Et Cetera LP (reissued as "Lady Blue", in which form it can be found elsewhere on MS), which is merely one of the top 5 krautrock albums of all time, in my humble opinion. Utterly essential.

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Anonymous said...

hey - thanks for this one - back when ECM was edgy. anyone know what dauner is up to these days?

Electric Voodoo said...


massageghost said...

yes yes yall

Anonymous said...

Hi Mutant Sounds!

I've been downloading a lot of stuff from your blog the last months, and I can't even describe how greatful I am. Mutant Sounds is THE BEST blog around!! Thank you for all the wonderfull stuff you guys are sharing!

Some 17 year old kid from amsterdam.


I have a little request:

Dutch experimental painter Karel Appel made an LP called: "Musique Barbare" I think 1963. He started travelling to New York from 1957 and there he got into jazz music and he got to know Dizzy Gillespie. Together with Gillespie he made this totally weird, experimental-free-jazz-musique-conrète LP. Maybe you guys can help me out!

You can listen to the music here:

http://cgi.omroep.nl/cgi-bin/streams?/tv/vpro/GE/bb.20060214.asf?title=De werkelijkheid van Karel Appel;embed=1

It's an 15 minute movie from the sixties of Karel Appel with background music of this LP.

Here you can see the record itself on some sort off dutch ebay:

(Sorry that this is a bit off-topic from this great Wolfgang Dauner Post.)
Thanks again for everything!

Anonymous said...

Terrific album! Thanks. There's another Dauner album with Weber, featuring synthesizer artist Jürgen Karg:

Wolfgang Dauner / Eberhard Weber / Jürgen Karg / Fred Braceful: S/T

Yes, this is a request :-)))

vdoandsound said...

anonymous #1: no idea.

Anonymous #2: I used to have that Karel Appel album! It got traded for my copy of Horrific Child many years ago. I didn't recall there being anything on it featuring Dizzy Gillespie but hearing portions of it again on the documentary you linked to (thanks for that!), it does appear that Dizzy is on there. Hmmm...I just remembered it as a document of Appel going nuts making intuitive "sound paintings" in an electronic studio with the help of an engineer. It's been maybe 15 years since I've had it in my hands though, so it's all a bit of a distant memory.

Anonymous #3-the only copy I ever found of "Fur" was so beat to shit, I immediately demanded a refund from the seller I got it from.

Gianni aka Cesare Barbetta said...

essential lp.

Anonymous said...

o wow, thanx so much!

Anonymous said...

MANY THANKS for yet more music I have never heard of yet fall in love with.I don't know how you find the time to be in a great band,discover all this wonderful music,keep the best blog on the net going and still find time for the odd trip or two,it really does amaze me,oh yes and move houses in the middle of it all.Hats off to you for being such a cool industrious person.
This album is excellent,my fave,so far of your most recent uploads.

jaybird said...

you have done it again!

thanks o' blogmeister!

jaybird said...

I forgot,

I'm on a Toto Blanke jones and I was hoping I could direct-link to you Joachim Kuhn post at my blog....


next, I'm wondering...would you be my "friend" ly neighbor? ( you dig up the wierdest sh-t, and I mean that in the most positive manner possible!

(which reminds me of..I got to post my liquid liquid and some jorge reyes)

anyway here's a stumper...I've rooted around for this forever...

From fredy Studers web-site


This is a bit of a "grail"...

Christy Doran, Urs Leimgruber, Bobby Burri, Fredy Studer
Indian-Records ST 1001 (LP)
Recorded in Montreux and Bern, 1974

these look...interesting

Hand in Hand
Hardy Hepp, Max Lässer, Philippe Kienholz, Christy Doran, Fredy Studer, Rosko Gee
Mercury 6367 026 (LP/CASSETTE)
Recorded in Zürich, 1980/1981

String Summit
John Blake, Didier Lockwood, Krzesimir Debski, Christian Escoudé, Harry Pepl, Abdul Wadud, Barre Phillips, Bo Stief, Wolfgang Dauner, Ack van Rooyen, Pierre Favre, Fredy Studer
MPS 0068.275 (LP)
Recorded in Baden-Baden, 1980

If your unfamiliar with OM, they are non-formula euro Jazz-rock...very fine stuff!

send me a note at the above kinebees...if you want you can post the reyes and liquid2..I could e-mail you the links.

Anonymous said...

http://genesismarillion.blogspot.com Blog ottimo da visitare. progressive '70 e New Prog 80/90

Anonymous said...

can i also suggest 'girl from martinique' for another ECM. it's a beauty. with dauner on as well, similar vibe.

vdoandsound said...

anonymous-funny that you mention that one...I'm just in the process of ripping it! It's going up in a few days....stay tuned...

Cellar said...

Hey thanks!
Ive linked you guys in my new blog:
please have a look, thanks.

Anonymous said...

overrated in my opinion.


sitarswami said...

Thanks for this wonderful album -- back when ECM was at the forefront of modern jazz.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the Karel Appel lp: I think Gillespie's music is used only in the documentary movie, and the lp is Karel Appel alone. The album has been recently reissued as a grey-area cdr by Creelpone. An upload would be appreciated.

sexykino said...

Quite a monster indeed. Thank you Mutant Sounds!

brian h said...

thanks for this! mutant sounds the best!

Anonymous said...

thanx frum urkenny

Anonymous said...

Many Thanks!!!

Chris said...

Here is: Wolfgang Dauner, Eberhard Weber, Jürgen Karg, Fred Braceful – Für (1969)

Wolfgang Dauner, Weber, Karg, Braceful - Für {Vinyl, FLAC} [1969] - Side A.rar [67.03 MB]

Wolfgang Dauner, Weber, Karg, Braceful - Für {Vinyl, FLAC} [1969] - Side B.rar [61.95 MB]

Anonymous said...

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Best regards

al66 said...

Mediafire link for this album:


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