Sunday, August 17, 2008


This squirrely San Francisco experimental outfit notably features one Cork Marcheschi, the electronic maestro from the pioneering San Fran experimental psych group Fifty Foot Hose, whose work during the 60's mirrored similar exploits by United States Of America, Silver Apples and The Spoils Of War, a fact which should hopefully be enough of an ear cocker to get you past the unfortunate album title here. Kwisp's outlandish sonic palette is almost solely comprised of self built/invented instruments (electronic and otherwise) from which they prise comically slinky and oleaginous detritus that they array into brilliant absurdist provisional assemblages that often nod in the direction of Nurse With Wound. A real discovery.

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Anonymous said...

Optional listening instructions: Play CD in a dark room with candles. WARNING: THIS IS NOT NEW AGE MUSIC!

Andrew said...


Any chance of uploading some Fifty Foot Hose please? I saw you cross reference them with this post and it reminded of my desperation to try and acquire some of there stuff about a year ago, but sadly to no avail.

Please, Mutant Sounds, I beg you!

vdoandsound said...

andrew-that one's available all over the music share blogosphere. Here is one of 'em.

vdoandsound said...

whoops...let me try that again. that was the wrong link above. Fifty Foot Hose is Here

Anonymous said...

Kwisp is playing the Annual International Ambient Industrial Music Festival next month, along with Voice of Eye, Winston Tong / LX Rudis, Illusion of Safety, and over a dozen more bands.

october 3-5, 2008 oakland, ca

International Ambient Industrial Music Festival | Website

Anonymous said...