Saturday, August 2, 2008


All the following titles are now re-upped:

Dressed Up Animals-Strizzi Rizzi EP
Steve Thomsen-Retrospective
V/A-Contemporary Denshi Zatsuon
Estos No Son Pagagos-De Arte Venandi Cum Avibus
V/A-The Cassette Mythos Audio Alchemy CD/K7
Expo-Do The Expo!
V/A-Drive To Heaven, Welcome To Chaos

These ones I no longer have on my drive, but found posted elsewhere, so my posts of them now link to those:

Eider Stellaire-s/t (1st) and s/t (2nd)
Quasar-Man Coda

If any of you want to do me a huge favor and re-up any or all of these three and send me the links, that'd be hugely appreciated, as time to re-record them has been sorely lacking of late:

V/A-Aiyoku Jinmin Juji Gekijo
Code BMUS-Strike Now! EP
V/A-Light Bulb Issue 3 Christmas Cassette

For those who've commented in the boards about various posts of Jim's being down, that will have to be taken up with him upon his return to the blog in the (semi)near future....


Anonymous said...

Hi Eric,

Here is a new link for V/A-Aiyoku Jinmin Juji Gekijo:

I recommend Windows users, such as myself, to use 7zip for extracting, since one of the tracks has a very long title and may cause problems with WinRAR and Winzip.

vdoandsound said...

anonymous-A big BIG thanks to you for that!

Anonymous said...

I have arequest to anyone who can fill it. I would like to hear a rip of Argon-Kone kertoo. It seems to be the first project of the finnish synth band 'organ'. The band had released mp3s of the album in 2006 on a certain blog with lyrics in english included. But, they had since feel into obscurity and dead linkness. So, if anyone has those mp3s that were released, or a vinyl to rip from, please do so....:)


Viva Flexipop said...

hey. this is off topic. check out my blog? i think you'l like it. <3 your blog!

Anonymous said...

hi mutant sounds,
your work so far was great,
i have a question:
is there any chance you're going to post throbbing gristle's 24 hours of TG? and TG+ ?

vdoandsound said...

anonymous-Not from my side. TG never meant much to me. Can't speak for what Jim might post in the future though...

Anonymous said...

Hi again Eric,

Below is a new link for V/A-Light Bulb Issue 3 Christmas Cassette.

The images had to be seperated from the music, due to the 100MB limit on sharebee.

** MUSIC **


Still trying to find Code BMUS. Stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

OK, Eric, here is the last one:

** Code BMUS-Strike Now! EP **

Glad to be of help on these!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ said...

I have re-upped Expo "do the expo!" on rapidshare here:
hope that's of help