Sunday, August 17, 2008


The final installment of my Cha-Bashira label posts (following The Cooking Errchestra, the Fujirekodsu compilation and Hot Troche), and like the last cited, this one was also issued on their Pink Rabbit sub-label, evidently their imprint for work operating off the laptop fuckery end of the experimental spectrum. Onpack share a bit of the spastic splutter approach of their labelmates in Hot Troche, but by and large, the vernacular here is more considered and structured, though their overall morphology is still rough hewn and mutable. Onpack have a particular penchant for the blippily bubbling, cascades of this froth often emerging out of lacerated hissing fissures in their sonic architecture; predispositions made plain by titles like "Shallowest Soda" and "Your Co2". That said, their palette is neither forbidding or relentlessly abstract. They're just as likely to corral unruly kinetic zips and pings into fetching provisional edifaces on tracks like "The Stylish Green Cynic" or, as the disc progresses, format errant passels of wayward splatter into fine-tuned bricolages etched onto planes of streamlined and aerodynamic forward motion.

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