Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Delicate and tasteful are not adjectives ordinarily associated with the work of Matthew Bower (also know for his work in Sunroof!, Skullflower, Total & Pure), but before he decided to reverse polarities upon beginning collaborative work with Marcia Bassett, Hototogisu was initially his vehicle for exploring the most subtle and harmonious dimensions of his aesthetic proclivities. Those only familiar with the latter day Hototogisu recordings opposite Bassett (which rank among Bowers most corrosive and unrelenting work) will find the material found on White Wind Of Autumn as being almost unrecognizable as the work of the same individual. "White Wind..." was both the first salvo issued under the Hototogisu moniker and the first part of a trio of similarly inclined recordings, soon followed by the 100 copy LP Cukoo Cloudland and culminating with the utterly delirious and magical Floating Japanese Oof! Gardens Of The 21st Century, both evidently due for reissue at some future date on Destijl Records. The six tracks herein are finespun and windblown melanges of low key guitar figures, drones, chimes, bells and tootling recorders conjuring arcadian vistas and beatific reveries. I wonder if we'll ever find Bower in such a restrained state again?

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Pius said...

Love it! More Bower rarities please.

Anonymous said...

yes, more Bower! love mutant sounds!

Anonymous said...

we probably won't but I find Bower's recent work to actually be supremely subtle. Subtle doesn't just mean quiet. Yes, newer Hototogisu and Skullflower go straight for the psychedelic jugular, but most of what endears me to the recent Bower is how much is buried underneath the feedback and chaos, there's really alot more going on and it ain't Merzbow.


b_neptune said...

Hi guys,

any chance for a re-up of this gem?

thanks a lot for all you do,