Saturday, September 25, 2010


Issued by the Spanish Alku imprint as a tribute to the creator of the compact disc (and, evidently, to it's myriad possibilities for sound modification), this offers up a curious assortment of digital detournement advocates to sift through the implications, though Terre Thaemlitz is only "present" as a Cage-ian ghost, his/her succession of 35 four second tracks all being equally silent. Once Thaemlitz ceases the theoretical display and actual sound commences, you're immediately slapped in the face by Yasunao Tone and his 10 minute blast of disfigured digital effluvia extracted from carefully defaced and modified CD's after which Bay Area plunderphonic prankster Wobbly creates comedic whirligig motion out of a cascade of rubberized bloops and blurts, CD_Slopper (aka Florian Hecker and Farmers Manual's Oswald Berthold) litter shimmering filaments across a warping digital wheeze, Spanish electronic producer Javier Hernando amuses himself by back-skipping over a CD's contents, Markus Popp and his early Oval sparring partner Frank Metzger proffer three tracks of predictably superb mulchings and mis-handlings of sonic data and Alku and Discman each show up just long enough to make a small gesture.

1-35. Terre Thaemlitz-Untitled
36. Yasunao Tone-Man'yoshu #37, Wounded
37. Wobbly-Mini Bleb
38. CD_Slopper-X-0 Neol, Subject: Ad.di
39. Discmen-Our Love Is A Soft Technique
40. Javier Hernando-Vaivén Tsu
41. Oval/Frank Metzger-What If?
42. Oval/Frank Metzger-Vowels'N'Cons
43. Oval/Frank Metzger-V'n'c
44. Alku-Burning CDs

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Sasha said...

The three Oval/Frank Metzger tracks are by Frank Metzger alone. They were recorded after Markus Popp kicked out Metzger and Sebastian Oschatz from the group for no reason, afaik.

Great release, classic Alku. Thanks for sharing!

Dan said...

ironically they're releasing more vinyl and tapes these days,

digging this!

Anonymous said...