Sunday, October 10, 2010


Issued by avant proggers The Muffins on their own house imprint, this little gem higlights the intersections of a certain post-Canterbury/post-R.I.O./pre-Cuneiform sector of he American avant prog continuum as it collides with those responsible for influencing 'em, with brilliant Canterbury and R.I.O. jams being kicked out by Logproof, Illegal Aliens and The Muffins, bombastically surging electronic environments being unleashed by Mars Everywhere, druggy improv sprawl from Catch-A-Buzz Studios and two brief bursts of R.I.O.-esque whimsy from Cuneiform Records' Steve Feigenbaum (the first and last time he's on record, I believe) representing the American contributions and extended solo improv essays from both legendary alto saxist Lol Coxhill and avant prog all-star Fred Frith, who offers up four gorgeous fragments of intricate tabletop guitar dissections in the same mode as those heard on his Guitar Solos LP outings.

Track listing:

1. Logproof-Monster Comes To The City
2. Lol Coxhill-RR1 and RR2
3. Steve Feigenbaum-Borrowed Inspiration
4. Catch-A-Buzz Studios-Cream O' Wheat
5. Mars Everywhere-Attack Of The Giant Squid!
6. Steve Feigenbaum-Enharmonic Toads
7. Fred Frith-Lively Hills
8. Fred Frith-Ragged Rag
9. Fred Frith-Sorrow Music
10. Fred Frith-Sell-Out Music
11. Illegal Aliens-A Mutant Underglass
12. The Muffins-Peacocks, Leopards and Glass

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litlgrey said...

This LP is a stunning CLASSIC of American regional prog!

fuzztunnel said...

Awesome... thanks!
Speaking of Random Radar Records, do you have Michael Bass's "Parcheesi Pie"?

Anonymous said...

thanx frum urkenny

vdoandsound said...

fuzztunnel-alas, no. I don't. I recall liking it the one time that I heard it....

unimportant said...

Wow, weird coincidence, I was thinking about this record recently and pulled it out last week, it's still sitting next to my turntable, hadn't listened to it in years.

Anonymous said...

Feigenbaum and Tom Scott from the Muffins recorded an entire LP together, title "Things Are More Like They Are Now Than They Ever Were Before." Random Radar #2, I Think.

Unknown said...

Links to my lossless rip of Parchesi Pie sent to you via e-mail several days ago. Cheers.

vdoandsound said...

Hi William

It doesn't appear that I've received it. Can you re-send that again?



propylaen2001 said...

Have you ever received that lossless rip of Michael Bass ‎– Parchesi Pie ?