Sunday, October 10, 2010


Contributed by an entirely different Dane named Mikkel than the Christiansen/Fuzzy LP also on offer today (it seems to be raining them) this adventurous electro-pop outing was issued on the Irmgardz imprint that brought you other vital Danish synth pop experimentation by the likes of Mind Pollution and Scatterbrain (both shared elsewhere on MS), the latter of whom share some of Communication's interests in artily extending the syntax of dark-tinged synth pop while still keeping events tidily organized; tendencies that elsewhere tug the proceedings in the direction of both Martin Dupont and Keine Ahnung.

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Anonymous said...

I believe this was posted on another blog. My memory is trully sketchy at times, but I believe I someone already ripped it.

Anonymous said...

do you have band TIG from denmark?

Anonymous said...

this looks interesting. thanks

Anonymous said...

Crispy-nuggets psoted it. Still a good album :)

Vanilla Face said...

Yes it was posted on my blog:

I'm happy to see it getting more exposure here on this wonderful blog with such a wide audience. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh man.This brings back memories.This was a soundtrack for a futuristic musical that ran for about a week in Copenhagen Denmark.A bunch of teenagers and the band Scatterbrain was the band that played along with the theatre.I saw it then,and it was a fairly naive production,but under the circumstances,it was a fine night out.Early 80ies I believe.Thank you so much.