Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Following on from today's post of Apollo, here's one more long forgotten slice of Finnish underground musical magic. Finland's 70's underground music culture has been rather eclipsed in the public imagination (to the extent that it exists there at all) by the wealth of post-psychedelic activity emanating from there nowadays. Here's one more reason to cast your gaze backward and roll some heavy duty hippy meat around your assorted pleasure centers. This appears to have been this unit's only outing, but it's a corker. Nimbus' is a very distinctly Finnish sound. You can hear within it both the milky, moody atmospheric mystery of Fantasia as well as a very sizeable dose of Wigwam circa Fairyport, and given that Fairyport just so happens to be my all time favorite Finnish album, that's no small feat, methinks. That said, as is almost always the case with vocalists from these particular hinterlands when they choose to serenade us in their native tongue, the results are something of a big and awkward vowel sandwich to us non-native speakers. Don't let that hinder you from delving into this little beauty though...

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fuzztunnel said...

Just recently discovered "Fairyport" and can't stop listening to it! Can't wait to hear this.

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