Sunday, November 14, 2010


Devotees of dadaist brain-scramble in the mode of Nurse With Wound and (early) Negativland are keenly advised to lend an ear to this delicately titled compilation, featuring as it does several Richard Rupenus-related projects in this mode, from his own Mixed Band Philanthropist (featured elsewhere on MS) to others that have collaborated with him under his more well known noise qua noise moniker The New Blockaders, like Anomali and Broken Penis Orchestra, both of whose contributions here take a page (and a raspberry and a dog whistle) from Rupenus' prankish audio detournements. This is not to under-sell the rest of this comp's contributors. It is in fact a pretty nice cross-section of post-industrial probings of a (largely) non-generic nature, with a few particularly choice bits here from Plethora and, especially, Cybercantautores Del Mierda, whose fevered synth freakishness is genuinely unhinged sounding. Anyone out there have any of their CDR or tape releases listed on Discogs that they'd care to share with us?

Track Listing:

1. Cybercantautores De Mierda-La Mujer Que Entretuvo Al Cruel Submarino
2. Erek Gita-Acid Momma & The Japanese Potters
3. Mixed Band Philanthropist-Le Systeme De Domination
4. Plethora-Lunacy Factor #212
5. Observe I-Recognizably Those Soulless
6. Nequaquam Vacuum-Famine Season
7. Wazu-Montana Wildhack
8. Anomali-Ovaraka Trig (Sick As A Pig)
9. Broken Penis Orchestra-Could Someone Please Turn This Off?
10. Idx1274-The Vagina
11. Koma Fuzz-Sus Scrofa
12. Anakrid-Forming Lesters House Music
13. Forms Of Things Unknown-Interrupted By Interior Design: A) Speculum (Dedicated To Marcel Duchamp) B) From Here To Parker Posy
14. Gate 33 & DKD Girl-Silk Nose Trot
15. Snma-Cranfhl

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mb40 said...

mindbogglingly tunes on this one, tnx for the post!!

Anonymous said...

I got this one myself from IDX,

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Anonymous said...

This is some great sounds. Thank You so much.