Sunday, November 14, 2010


A classic compendium from the early era of French underground music, Groovy Pop Session captures a few cornerstone units in their infancy, with Ange delivering their typically wrenching Gallic spin on the early Genesis sound and Pulsar offering a glimpse of what their epic Floydian grandeur sounded like four years before hitting the studio with the same eponymously titled track. Other notable tracks include ones by Absinthe (no idea otherwise about 'em) who turn in a powerhouse bit of spooked and Leslie cabinet-filtered psychedelia and Tac Poum Systeme, who managed a few other singles in their lifetime and here churn out the quite odd "Everybody Needs Somebody To Love". which singlemindedly grinds though a relentless 10+ minute Delay '68-style psychic noogie over which is spattered recordings of symphonies, crowd hysteria, gurgling electronics, backwards tapes and guitar fireworks.

Track listing:

1. Ange-Le Vieux De La Montagne
2. Abracadabra-Tiger
3. Pulsar-Pulsar
4. Tac Poum Systeme-Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
5. Les Moonlights-Reviens Vers Moi
6. Absinthe-Strage Life, Strange Soul

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litlgrey said...

Hmmm... intriguing.

Anonymous said...

I'm French, and I tell you : Ange is a great band, lyrics are awesome, really

Klaus Radiolux said...

A strange record. Very rare. It's supposed to be recorded live at the Golf Drouot (famous parisian rock club), but obviously audience noises and screams are just overdubs. Ange 7 minutes "Le Vieux de la Montagne" is IMO the best track here, totally different from the single version. Essential stuff for any fan of the band and french prog music. Other highlight is Tac Poum Systeme (what a name!) and their 10 minutes epic, far better than their 2 singles. Too bad they never made any album.
Another interesting record from the same era is Ange "En concert 1970-1971". Part of it was poorly recorded, but the other half (45 mn) is really great, offering some weird improvised mostly instrumental powerfull music.

fernand pena said...

I'm Fernand Pena singer with Tac Poum Systeme .
Funny to read your comment.
have a hear & a look on my site .
and tell me .........

Toby said...

Any chance this could be re-uploaded? Jarvis Cocker played one of the songs on his recently show from the vinyl archives of Radio France.

Toby said...

Any chance of re-uploading this? Jarvis Cocker played the Tac Poum Systeme track on his recent show from the vinyl archives of Radio France.