Sunday, June 17, 2012


Given the combination of irreverent titles and a cover with arabic script of unknown origin, I'll err on the side of skin-saving caution and leave the actual cover for those who download this classic slice of 80's cassette culture shenanigans, the first release of unabashed Zappa damage from the sly mind of one Joe Newman (pictured above in lieu of the cover), whose LP "Bowling For Appliances" I shared long ago, though much like Zoogz Rift's personalization of the Zappa muse, there's much more than mere emulation afoot here. At this early stage of the game, Newman's arrangements had yet to hit the dizzying spin-on-a-dime stride they'd achieve by the time of Bowling For Appliances, but the playfully Casio-toned primitivism of this first iteration is full of a giddy louche charm of it's own, if laden with some decidedly dodgy sub-Zappa titles ala Asparagus Makes Your Urine Smell Funny. Much as you'd expect from that title, it's the more overtly poo-poo/caca-fied dimensions of Zappa's influence that holds the most sway in Newman's universe, though their rough and ready home taper expression here lends the proceedings an intimate absurdism that's very much Newman's own.

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Anonymous said...

Is that "Newman's own" pun intentional?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this piece of fun lunacy, put a smile on my face when I most needed it!
Btw if it weren't for my wife, I would never have known that 'Raspberry IUD' is a pardoy of a Prince song ;-)


unimportant said...

Shit, I had this back then, bought it mail order direct from Joe Newman after hearing him interviewed on UCONN's radio station. I still have a cassette of "Plastic Containers Retain Odors" but lost "Moslem Beach Party" ages ago.

BallerCraig said...

LOVED "him" as a teenager! Got it from the record store just west of Guadalupe on 24th, the hippie meth butthole store owner. But he had GOBS of local schticky creamy shit.