Sunday, June 17, 2012


Perennial improv gadfly Eugene Chadbourne and his sarcasm-steeped escapades have been cutting against the grain of the free music community for over three decades, but circa the early 80's he could be found mixing it up with Shimmy Disc label head Kramer and his house drummer David Licht (B.A.L.L./Bongwater/ When People Were Shorter And Lived Near The Water) in this quasi-improvisational quasi-psychedelic and aggressively tongue-in-cheek good-timey rave-up unit, only unlike the Naked City model of Cuisinart-cut post-modern pastiche favored by John Zorn, Chadbourne's bandmate in the pre-Shockabilly outfit The Chadbournes, Shockabilly meld the idiomatically chalk and cheese by simply melting both in a bubbling fondue pot of snarky mischief, as they tackle covers of everything from 8 Miles High to Roger Miller's country chestnut "Dang Me", all enveloped within Kramer's cheaply reverberant loving-hands-at-home production values.

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Roetoes said...

Great, thanks. ;)

Anonymous said...

This record is magnificent sounding. I get a slight Stench Band feeling but it sounds so different too. I love this. Thank you for this.

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