Sunday, June 17, 2012

V/A-CONTEXT 70, LP, 1970, USA

This daft "real people" private press mega-rarity is a document from South Side Senior High School circa 1970 and while plenty here spans the gap from drippy to corn-pone, there's a reason that this DIY piece has attained serious collector cache, as amidst the prosaic and the outright awful (unless do-see-do-ing your partner is your bag), you'll find outbursts of out-of-the-blue bedazzlement from the portion of this album reserved for Emmanuel Angel's two solo pieces, which sound rudely confounding and acid scrambled enough to be emanating from an ESP Records platter or from the Austrian cave that NWW-listers The Nomadia recorded their LSD psychodrama within.

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On behalf of everyone who has downloaded this and anything else you've posted, thank you.

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Thank you!

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