Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Andreas Dorau-Ärger mit der Unsterblichkeit,CD,1992,Germany

Another pioneer of the electronic side of NDW in a recording from 1992.Described as techno,but i think this was just commercial trick for the period it was released.It's pure re-newed electronic NDW with some Resident-esque hints,of course influenced by the house/techno movement but not at ll techno.I think the best description is retroesque pre electroclash!Much enjoyable CD.Not quite sure if it's OOP ,if anyone has infos let me know.

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Anonymous said...


Your blog is fantastic!

Please, could you put the Mythos's Grand Prix album that was released in 1981 through Sky Records?? Thanks!! :)

square dancer said...

It is still in print, like the majority of Ata Tak's full length releases. Really great blog, by the way!

Anonymous said...

Hello Mutant-Sounds!

Is it possible for you to post the remaining promised Sadistic Mika albums? This is very off-topic, I realize, but I have been waiting for them since the first album in the series was upped last month.

Thanks for your great blog,


Anonymous said...

thanx for this andreas dorau record.saludos from argentina