Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Doris Norton -Automatic Feeling ,CD,1986,Italy

Here's one more gem by Doris Norton.In 1986 she became an official consultant for IBM Computer Music and recorded two compact discs for IBM entitled "Automatic Feeling" and "The Double Side of Science" (both in new age /computer sound and psychoactive music area).
get it here


Anonymous said...

Can you supply the German Shepherds' first single "Booty Jones"? And some early Richard Bone would be great! What about the solo album by Luc van Acker? Thanks, man!

Protecting Terrorists said...

I have the rip of Booty Jones and the German Shep's LP.

Not sure about the cover art of the 7", but I can check my other computer.

I'd just have to have a place to up the stuff to, or someone can get it from me from Soulseek.

Anonymous said...

German Shepherds album is on the plante new wave blog: www.planetnewwave.blogspot.com

Protecting Terrorists said...

I should say I'm leaving for Tampa tomorrow and won't be back until Saturday night. So it'll have to be after that.


attax said...

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btw. do you have Doris Norton's RAPTUS ???

Anonymous said...