Monday, May 14, 2007


Our area is having serious internet connection speed issues that are fouling up all attempts of mine to upload files, so, assuming Time-Warner have their shit together in a days time, the posts I had planned for monday are now gonna be going up tuesday evening (technically, later today, as it's already early tuesday morning...). Fingers crossed....


Ned said...

It's all good -- I've been using the time to play catchup, trust me!

Over the Moon said...

Thanks for the update, Eric.

I had internet speed issues all of April and into May, but FINALLY the problem is resolved here.

I haven't even had the chance to update my own blog in almost two months now, due to internet connectivity problems.

It's something that happens to pretty much all of us, unfortunately. Don't fret, though. I'm sure they'll have it worked out soon.

Let me take this time to once again thank you for all that you and Jim do!!!!

You can't begin to imagine how wonderful this blog is, thanks to you and Jim.

Thank you, a million times over!

PS: Anyone who's having problems extracting files should google 7zip and use 7zip to extract. That will solve any problems.

Protecting Terrorists said...

Strange, but there are network probs here in FL. too. Was TW, now Bright House--but I imagine the same sort of set up. Everything went down last night around 12 or so.

I know you said you'd put up the first Mauve Sideshow (and for that I'd be eternally grateful)...I think I've asked this before, but if anyone has it you guys do.

Looking for Brother JT's "Descent" LP...came out in the early 90's I think on Twisted Village. Got that one? Yeah...I'm a moron. I sold it.

Finally have gotten around to listening to the Range of Vision LP and it's a blast. Good Mutants. Gut.

Over the Moon said...


Another thing you might consider doing (unless you're on wireless internet) is uplugging the power from the cable modem or DSL, waiting 30 seconds and then plugging it back in. Sometimes this has solved my internet speed problems, funny enough.

And/or download and install a nice utility called CCleaner (although I'm not sure if it's available for Mac's).

It is great for removing remnants of old junk files, and has sped up my internet connection (vastly) in the past.


xcxre8 said...

Hey, how would I make a formal request? I see you welcome them, but not sure how to put up. I'd love to hear the rest of the Kawabata Makoto guitar solo cdr's. They were released in 200 cd editions, I have 3 of them I'd be happy to contribute, if you have any interest. Thanks!