Friday, May 4, 2007


Following yesterdays post of their second LP, here's their almost equally stunning debut. Not quite as refined as it's follow-up, this is still laden with the same irresistible equilibrium-assailing tactics and woozy melodicism as Dark Side Of The White Christmas Thriller, though minus that album's more song form moments. Swoon worthy, though if you fall you're likely to get sucked into the undertow.

***************NEW LINK POSTED SEPTEMBER 2012***************

Get it here


Anonymous said...

VERY appreciated addition! I only knew I LOVE YOU LP which I instantly bought 2nd hand after dl it from here. First 2 lps should be harder to get :( ... As usual - thanks for all that inspiration, best blog to date!
helga cruel

Mystery Poster said...

This link died quickly!`';o(


vdoandsound said...

MP-Er....nope...the link is fine. Methinks you should try downloading it again...

Milton said...

SO good. and absolutely, completely impossible to find. I've been searching for a copy of this edition-of-333 since hearing it in a washed out dorm room 15 years ago, and it still sounds just as good sober

thanks again

John said...

wow. thanks for this. i have the vinyl in storage, thousands of miles from me :( so it's good to lay hands on a digital version :)

had the pleasure of seeing them live. can say with confidence i haven't seen anyone else like them.

Anonymous said...

Wow - I've been looking for this for ages. I bought this new back in the day, then had it stolen years later... a true gem.

Roetoes said...

Mutant Sounds == freshly wrapped candies ;)

Unknown said...

dear mutant sounds author/s,
thanks for giving attention to fwc. we've begun posting to bandcamp. (there's more to come.) please enjoy this download credit for a previously unreleased album called, three things at once.

go here:

enter this code: wxhq-5my3


vdoandsound said...

I finally had a chance to listen to this tonight and it's completely phenomenal! I'm gonna share more of my specific feelings about this and that after giving it more than one pass, but after just one go, I can definitely say that it really is everything one would hope for in a lost fourth FWC album. You made my day with this. More spieling soon and thank you SO much for providing this, Chris!


Vitezslav Sichtar said...


as soon as i heard Green Grass...and the whole record is....thank you!