Friday, May 4, 2007


Continuing the Beresford and Toop saga from the last two days (albeit in this case minus Peter Cusack and Terry Day), this David Cunningham-produced classic is easily the high point of these collective artists canons. Originally released as a cassette back in the mid 80's, General Strike encapsulate in one shot the sharpest songwriting instincts, cleverest utilization of studio treatments and deepest, most psychologically penetrating atmospheres any of these cats would whip up in any context. Primarily played on small handheld (if not toy) instruments (which immediately begs comparison with Pascal Comelade's work) and then subjected to Cunningham's miles deep dub production which swaddles the recording in a big comfy drug blanket.

Note-link removed as this has now been reissued on Staubgold.


Anonymous said...

Hi there!

I got this recording first on cassette, then happilly got it on cd a many years later.
It is earcandy for me.
I'm glad it showed up here.

Love this blog!
Checking it out everyday.

Jörgen Andersson

J. JAMES said...

my word, thank you SO much for this. your blog is mindblowing each and every day!

mike said...

many thanks for this. I first heard them on a split with SPK, been looking for other stuff.

Mush said...

Great! Many thanks for this and so much else..

phantom of the radio said...
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