Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Jean Louis Bucchi - Sunflower,LP,1978,France

J.L. Bucchi is former Speed Limit keyboardist and recorded this great LP in 1977 with some well known contributors (Jannick Top,Patrice Tison) using much brass and strings arrangements.The result was a mixture of jazz,classical music and rock.Featuring also great piano solos along with suprising small orchestral pieces this LP is in the borderline of classical chamber music and RIO.A masterpiece.
Nothe this was posted months ago in Mystery Poster blog ,but the link seems to be dead.
get it here


Mystery Poster said...


Thanks for re-posting this great one! And with a nicer & bigger cover too. Don't have time for re-uploading things and prefer to just set some new things forth whenever I get the chance again (some choice rare 7 inches in the next week or so is all I have thought ahead about thus far). Anyhow, I did ask the fans of MP about helping with dead links and have gotten no help. If you want to do the honors on any of them, well, I combed the site and narrowed it down to these (if you would just make note where they were 1st posted, as you normally do, I am also happy to add a link to your post instead of dead links):

mahoujin, kristen nogues, chou pahrot, archimedes badkar (II), angel rada (both), falstaff, chemical, munju, woorden, howard roberts (eq. exp.), chats renaissance, kha-ym, jean-marc fauconnier, combo fh, roland bocquet, michel magne elements, laurence vanay (eve. col.), lourival silvestre, wildebeest, supply, demand & curve, the units, quatebriga (choice), coma (2nd), dream merchants, iron duke (both), duck and cover, vertebrates, eyes of god, punishment of luxury, eider stellaire (3,4), mama dada 1919, x-legged sally (4,5,6), snakes alive, transit express (2,3), david rose, michael bass (par. pie), sinatras, hugo de groot, robert williams, neo museum

Mssr MP

Anonymous said...

To which I'd like to add a request for Abrakadabra by Klockwerk Orange, if anyone has it. I downloaded it from mystery poster's blog a while back, but it's stuffed full of skips and is unlistenable for the most part. I'd love to hear that one properly.

Also, regarding J.L. Bucchi's Sunflower, I downloaded this mutantsounds reposting of it, and was going through it today before burning a copy and got to track 3, which is full of skips. I stopped working on the files there to ask if you could re-post this album without the skips? I've really been looking forward to hearing this album, which is otherwise unavailable.

Anonymous said...

Hi good folks,
is there any chance of a fixed-up repost without the CD skips?
Thanks very much!

Anonymous said...

asking/pleading again for a fixed reupload of the Bucchi - Sunflower album. Or at least a reply to my questions, if you can't fix it...

mutantsounds said...

checked the files and seem to be k...will repost it withing weekend

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much mutantsounds! Not all of the tracks are a problem, but I got several tracks in and got many, many cd skips. Maybe that's the only track [3 or 4? don't remember], I don't know - I stopped working on it there so I wouldn't waste time on faulty files. [I listen thru to all music and clean up sound and faults where possible before burning a copy for proper listening]
Thanks again,

Anonymous said...

Hi again mutantsounds,
just wondering if you'd forgotten about reuploading Sunflower. Track 3 is one that definitely has major skips [from around half way through], but sorry, haven't checked out the tracks after that to see if they were ok.

Jonathan said...

hey, could you please reupload this? the file is no longer there.

Anonymous said...

any chance of a re-up?

Anonymous said...

this link is deleted.
Please upload it again.

klockwerk said...

Link is still dead. I'd love to get this one... please?