Thursday, May 10, 2007


My fourth and final KK post is their third LP from 1989 and it's definately the odd duck of the litter. This is immediately evident on side A's Invocations Of The Undead suite, whose evocatively doom laden mellotron-stacked atmosphere makes me think Dusty was spending a lot of time with his Don Bradshaw Leather album. Unlike the other KK albums though, there's no recourse to dadaist shenanigans elsewhere, as what follows for all of side B are harp manipulations, initially in a fan-blade-on-strings swarm, gradually subsiding into saccharinely twee territory.

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sySgoy`yyyyyyy~yR¤!P said...

Thanks for these KK's, have 'em too, so I know they're great!

But actually there seems to be a fifth lp, The Lost Patrol, was on ebay last year - think it said it was a radio show. It had a white cover with just The Lost Patrol scrawled on it.

I wonder if it could have been a mix-up with the band TLP, they don't seem to have released any lp's tho.

I have tried googling to no avail so I'll spare you that but maybe somebody has a lead here?

Their later incarnations as Mauve Sideshow, Mistress of Strands, Torn Curtain, Angel Provocateur, Minus Infinity and Thistle would be appreciated here too, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

I have what was sold to me as a test pressing of Kangaroo Kourt's album "The Lost Patrol". I bought it from a record store in TX who said that Dusty sold it to them with some other stuff (they did have other KK records as well at the time). It just has handwritten labels that say "Burnout Records" and something like "second round of tests" and a plain black cover.

I didn't see the one on ebay but am guessing that was also a test pressing and that it never got a full pressing.

I don't "share" music but perhaps this corroboration can be useful to somebody.