Thursday, May 10, 2007


9 years on from their debut, the Ives' brothers return with a second vinyl outing cut from precisely the same swath of loopy but languid cloth that their swoon worthy debut was. Almost shockingly lovely at times, their ultra-subtle approach to acoustic wobble should make instant fans of anyone smitten with Sack Und Blumm's slapp happy folktronica stumble.

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CDM said...

A srangely sublime, lovely post. Thank you.

Gabriel said...

The CD version of this was one of the first CDs I ever bought. It cost me 99 cents and I hated it at the time and sold it to a friend for a dollar.


fuzztunnel said...

Side 2 is SPEC-TAC-U-LAR ! ! !

Anonymous said...

FEEL FREE to support WOO.
Purchase a CD from the artist:

Mark Ives said...

Well...Would You Believe it!

Oh No!!! I'm not ANonnyMouse anymore!!!

We're so excited that we just found the blogs about the Woo music!

Hello... this is my first ever blog - how exciting to be talking to the computer - we went to visit a crop circle last week just outside Barbury Castle in Wiltshire, and that was pretty exciting - but this is - Wow!!!!

Well - it's been quite a day - we set up a Woo Support Network Email group thingy - not quite sure how its gonna work yet - but we're getting all proactive!

We have got a Myspace now, that my lovely friend Freida Mai has set up and we have just put some new tracks on and new pics and some reviews ... then Anna who built the website got all excited and put new links on for us... then Clive sends us the link to this new fangled bloggy thing and we've joined up!

Pleasantly Surprised, Mark x

Well... Would You Believe it!

Mush said...

These two albums are amazing, revalatory. Many thanks, as always!

Anonymous said...

WOO web address correction:

Robbie Eleckt said... a xmas gift from Woo