Sunday, August 5, 2007


This legendary EP by Portland Oregon's jittery and addled post-punk unit Jungle Nausea has been a top dollar collectable for as long as I can remember, probably having something to do with their Smegma associations via their appearance on the seminal Flies Like Holidays compilation LP (forthcoming) that Smegma released on their Pigface label. The collector hype on this one proves well deserved though, with skeletal Gang Of Four-ish angularities beautifully mated to what sounds like the more art pop moments of art damage merchants like The Polkaholics and Henry Kaiser's post punk-period outfit Name.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for posting this great record! there's some smegma member crossover as well as links to portland weird-rockers hellcows & plastic horn devil. check this link about member tammy stotik's current occupation as bookstore owner..

Anonymous said...

I accidentally fell into your blog. I am going crazy here!
Thanks so much!

FuzzFlynn said...

Ever heard the 'Flies Like Holidays' LP Comp....was on Pigface Records (Smegma/Smegma band member ran label). Speaking of that wierdo scene...ever heard of Rancid Vat?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nice review.
Mr Mike Shirley
Jungle Nausea and Smegma (sometimes)

David said...



Ran across this post and am delighted.
I remember cutting JN album
while engineer and op manager
for Virco Recording. After Virco closed and Put many masters into storage, The original masters
exist yet today some 28 years later.
If the Producer is interested they can be uncovered/unearthed
at some point.

Maybe a remastering????

Best always, david

Anonymous said...

I still love this record. I bought it new on a whim and was delighted. I have sold off most of my records but this remains in the house as a favorite.

Anonymous said...

So this person "David" posts that the masters for Jungle Nausea are available. How does one contact "David" ?

Anonymous said...

The link is dead. Can you re-upload, please?

Konstantin Maslakov said...

Oh please, reupload please!

Mikhail Komiakov said...

Hello! Can you re-upload the album? The link is dead.