Sunday, August 26, 2007

Mutantsounds's back

Hello to all
i just stepped in home after a 15 days vacation and although i had a wonderful time ,i missed this blog and it's friends.So from tomorrow (have to put myself together after so many days away) i start posting again.Thank you very much Eric and Spacefreak for the great posts you did while i was absent.
See you all tomorrow


Catasto Elettrico said...

Tanx for putting the links to our blogs in your page. We have done the same by our side. Hope you'll visit us sometimes with the same pleasure we have visiting your blog. See you here and there...
Catasto Elettrico

jeff said...


Welcome back!!!!

I hope you had a nice vacation!


Vasiliy said...

Welcome back, I hope you had great vacation! Thanks a lot for your music posts, they make me feel very, very alive :)

Catasto Elettrico said...

In case you should like to post our album on your blog (is a self-produced one with no CD edition, only on-line distibution from our site)we'd fell very happy and grateful of it. Just in case, feel free to use our links and images easily reproducible from our site, or ask us for material.
Thanks once again
Catasto Elettrico (

Margot said...

Welcome back and thank you for the link!

Margot F.

(The Wheel Of The Year)