Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Songs For A Party on A Mutant Beach vol.3

And now ,here comes volume 3!
Bill Plummer - Journey to the East
Bushido- A question of identity
Music For Pleasure - Fuel To The Fire
Pinkoes - The new way
Porcupine Tree - Radioactive Toy
Porcupine Tree - Jupiter Island
Primitons - Stars
Primitons - City People
Psychic TV - Just Drifting (For Caresse)
Sudden Sway - Janes Third Party
The Tits - We're So Glad Elvis Is Dead
The Tits - Daddy Is My Pusher
The Wimps - Modern Girls
Vice Versa - Eyes Of Christ
Vice Versa - New Girls Neutron
Xex - Holland Tunnel
Art Style-Factory life
Green Telescope - Make Me Stay
Greg Sage - Blue Cowboy
In The Nursery- Patter
Karl Biscuit- La morte
Leningrad Cowboys - Delilah
New Math - They Walk Among You
Personal Effects - So Hard
Restricted Hours - Getting things done
Rod Vey- Metal love
Roky Erickson - Click your fingers applauding the play
Ruth - Polaroid-Roman-Photo
SA55- Love is blind
Second Layer-Germany
Psychic Youth - Step In Time
Delinquents-All talk and no action
Delinquents- Sticky situation
Delinquents-Alien beach party
Department S - I want
Department S - Is vic there
Attack Under Attack- Los Alamos
Jeff and Jane Hudson-P.C.P.
Lucas Trouble - Miss Syphilis
Lucas Trouble - El Verolo
Sunnyboys - Show me some discipline
Sunnyboys- My only friend
Modern Jazz - Boom Boom Baby
ANTI- Stamata na milas gia thanato
Sad Lovers and Giants - Clint
Exhibit A - Rain
Wah! Heat-Better Scream
Wah! Heat - Seven Minutes To Midnight
The Slickee Boys - Nagasaki Neuter
Barracudas-I Want My Woody Back
Barracudas-Inside Mind
The Vyllies - Purple gorilla
Wibbley Brothers- Der wawazawa
This Slow Motion-Yochobine
This Slow Motion-Decay's requiem
This Slow Motion-Deserts of the night
TV Personalities- Silly Girl
Tv Personalities - Part time punks
Crippled Pilgrims - Black And White
Crawling Chaos-Arabesque
Crawling Chaos-Creamo Coyl
Certain General-Voodoo taxi
Certain General-Maximum G
Astronauts - Young man's world
Astronauts - Protest song
Astronauts - Behave yourself
Astronauts - Gold at the top
Astronauts - Seagull mania
Abwarts- Turkenblues
Deep Freeze Mice - I vote conservative (because i'm in love with you)
Deep Freeze Mice - Minstrel radio yoghurt
Narrow Faint-Saturday night
The Dodgems- Lord Lucan is missing
Vital Disorders - Snatcher
The Freshies - I Can't Get Bouncing Babies by the....
The Freshies - I'm in Love With the Girl on a Certain....
The Freshies - Wrap up the Rockets and It's Gonna Get better
I'm So Hollow - Dreams To Fill The Vacuum
Sportique - Anatomy of a fool

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Anonymous said...

brilliant,some great tunes here,thanx mike

Wave said...

Thanks MUTANT-SOUNDS! Sometimes weird, other times brilliant, but always unique treasures!!

manik said...

These compilations are fantastic, I'll suddenly hear a track and go -'Omigod, is that who it was?'
A thousand thanks

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your fantastic Blog.
Has anyone Music from XL Caprice from around 1979/1980. Iv,e heard it on a John Peel Show 27 Years ago and then never again.
The Song was My City of Sydney its probably an Australien Band. Thanks

b said...

dead massmirror links

Anonymous said...

Yeah, all the links are dead. I'd really like this if you could repost. Cheers.

Jesse Bowman said...

Oh... Please repost it...
Loved vol.1 & 2 ...
Great selection!!!


jeremy said...

another vote

Sarah Orsak said...

please re-up?

TW Cable said...

thanks a ton for the first two. would love to hear this one as well.

maybe someone else who has it could upload it elsewhere??

Anonymous said...

All links are now dead, sadly. Is it possible to re-up this??

Anonymous said...

please, please, please re-up this!

Anonymous said...


Ryan said...

Yet another anonymous listener begging for a re-upload...

Anyone? Heard that Wah! Heat song on John Peel many, many years ago, it'd be great to hear it again, mixed in with other potentially wonderful songs.

Anonymous said...

The links are all broken :(

Anonymous said...

The re-ups are fucked up:
Vol.1 & Vol.2 are the exact same files, and Vol.3 is a handful of the tracks from Vol.1

Unknown said...

Hi I love the pinkies track it takes me back I have now bought again and mr Smith is still a cool song hello everyone dave from Denver

Unknown said...

Hi I love the pinkoes track Mr Smith and if I remember so did the Great John peel

Unknown said...

Hello dave I rember seen the pinkoes and it was a great night I met my wife I want to get a copy of their records