Tuesday, October 14, 2008


World class funkified fusionoid moves from this forgotten Dutch unit whose supple and fluid but busy busy busy attack and thematically sharp arrangements give the proceedings a distinct whiff of Italian jazz rock; the adrenalized bits here glancing off the likes of Arti & Mestieri and Etna and the more languid sections having a certain Perigeo and Toni Esposito je ne sais quoi. I'd posit Francois Cahen's post Magma outfit Zao as being an influence here as well, especially the burnished warmth of the work they were issuing contemporaneous with this LP on Kawana.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Never even heard of this one before, and I'm an obsessive jazz-rock fan. Where do you find this stuff?!? Anyway, here are a couple of requests along the same lines:

1) Could you re-up the Vanessa "Black and White" LP? The link is dead, and from what I've heard it's a great album.

2) Any chance you might be able to post the Nadavati LP? It apparently used to be available at Ezhevika Fields, but the link has been dead for ages and that blog is basically defunct. I know you've refferenced that album a couple times in some of your other jazz-rock posts here at Mutant Sounds, so I thought you might be able to post it here as well.

In any case, thanks so much for all of your work here. It's the best music blog in the universe, without a doubt!

Gianni aka Cesare Barbetta said...

this lp is WONDERFUL,
and I don't understand why there is just one comment.
thank you Jim: super post!

Anonymous said...

Jim did not make this post.

Anonymous said...

great post!
thank you!!!

Michael said...

Great band!
Thank you very much!

Rui said...

Thanks so much for posting this amazing record that is almost forgotten. My father has that record many years ago but since then I lost it, and now after all this time you make it available for everyone.


Anonymous said...

really nice stuff here!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mutant Sounds! Could you, or anyone of the commenters, please re-upload this record? I've seen this great group live, had the album, but it's lost.
Many thanks in advance!