Tuesday, October 7, 2008


a compendium of gorgeously dour, sour and drear filled sturm und drang concocted by sinister sounding R.I.O. operatives Shub Niggurath and their immediate satellites. For many, Shub Niggurath's take on the forbidding chamber rock continuum enacted by the likes of Univers Zero, Art Zoyd and Present was a genre topper, their baleful spin on this terrain supplanting the Stravinsky/Bartok dimension undergirding UZ/AZ's rock vitriol with the atonal astringency of Penderecki and Ligeti and that tone of severity and desolation is writ large across their 11+ harrowing minutes here. Dithyrambe begins on a rather more spare note, though: Ann Stewart's plaintive a cappella operatic recital setting a tone of down-in-the-mouth austerity thats a harbinger of vibes to comes. It's follow-up, a brutal display by the Shub Niggurath-related all electric bass ensemble Sleaze Art carves a fearsome and seemingly endless vista of detuned squalling doom from their massed axes, a tack that Sleaze Art's K.T. Toeplitz re-enacts in solo form on the album closer "Paysage Foudroye".

Track listing:

1. A. Stewart-L'homme A L'habit Gris
2. Sleaze Art-Orgone
3. Shub Niggurath-J'ai Naguere En Peinture Les Harpies Ravissant Le Repas De Phinee 2
4. K.T. Toeplitz-Paysage Foudroye

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Anonymous said...

this is amazing stuff!!
i wonder if you can post the jac berrocal ''priere'' ep.You seem to be an expert in french underground!



Anonymous said...

Jac Berrocal's "Priere" is still in print. This blog only posts out-of-print music.

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for the Dithyrambe album - I love Shub Niggurath, and this stuff is a fine addition to their catalogue. Sleaze Art fascinates me - when I was in high school I dreamed of an all-electric bass band like this!

FF said...

Thanks for the album, I think I've something of your interest, a mexican band with influences in Lovecraft, Lautreamont and Mauppasant. Musically is obscure like present, univers, shub niggurath.

If you're interested I can send you some tracks, or the album, just send me a mail florfueyo@gmail.com

you can lisent this band at: myspace.com/1870rio