Tuesday, October 28, 2008


This fabulously fucked sounding gem contains German post-NDW avant electronica maven Felix Kubin's collaborations with both Tim Buhre (whom he used to work alongside in the atonal post-industrial ensemble Klangkrieg) and, significantly, Asmus Tietchens. It's not stated anywhere which side Tietchens is involved in (or indeed of his involvement at all), but sonically, it's plain that side B's cycles and reverb-y detournments bear Herr Tietchens fingerprints. Every detail of the packaging is formulated for maximal confusionist amusement, beginning with designing it to appear to be a Scorpions bootleg (dig the morphed photo showing Tietchens manning the boards on a Scorpions session!), and said confusionist amusement is underscored by the sonics within, a deliciously damaged agglomeration whose formulations push a proactive grotesquerie that's been a latent gene in the larger body of work that Kubin's cobbled together in the intervening years, initially evident on early projects under his own heading like 1999's Jane B. Ertrinkt Mit Den Pferden 10" and latterly on projects like his Idiotenmusik 7". The queasily e.q.'ed source sonics on side A (presumably his work with Buhre) are rudely squeezed through the tubes of assorted jerry rigged electronic Rube Goldberg contraptions, before being alternately tweezed, suction pumped, squashed, vacuum sealed or inflated to capacity, all parts popping and pinioning like the bolts on some cartoon of a overloaded machine about to burst. Meanwhile, as alluded to before, Side B's presumably Tietchens-involved activities dance a different sort of fandango; a syrupy malaised quease of effects melted easy listening dismemberings, Werkbund/Mechthild Von Leusch-like cavernously reverbed devolving metallic rhythmic revolutions and insistent dadaist vocal loops.

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Anonymous said...

no link to this so far!
Looking forward to hearing it though, many thanks

vdoandsound said...

mush-Oops! just corrected that. Thanks for pointing that out immediately! Silly me...

Anonymous said...

Hello Do you have by chance any release by German band: Camp sophisto?
It will be fantaastic to have them !

Many thanks

Alfredo from Argentina

Anonymous said...

anything that ol' codger asmus-related i'm there.. danke, pink

Anonymous said...

Thanks again! Have become something of a Mutant Sounds junkie, that explains the immediacy of the comment..
Asmus Tietchens playing here in Berlin Nov 6th for anyone that's interested (and here then)-

Anonymous said...

Muchas gracias

kingpossum said...

After this recent spate of posts, I just gotta say again--nobody can top the Mighty Mutant!

Many thanks, Jim and all contributors, for the mind-boggling wealth of obscure and amazing sounds that emanate from this place. It's a monumental effort that is hugely appreciated.


crackwhore14 said...

I've spent some time working on keyboard music, inspired by old horror movies and things I've found on Mutant Sounds. Figured I'd post it here in case anyone's feeling brave. Band name is "Ambrose Mortimer". Hope someone enjoys it!


soundhead said...

having trouble unzipping this, anyone else?

Anonymous said...

awesome blog
do you have aby pre TFUL 282 projects (Horny Genius, Total Fools, Pink Gravy) ?

Anonymous said...

Rapidhsare is Down, Badongo and Zshare do not work (Badongo stops at 64mmb) and megaupload is totally slow. can you reup ? thank you !!

Anonymous said...

Megaupload works fine. Stop whining. I just downloaded the file perfectly and fastly.

cri64 said...

is a incredibol blog very very beatiful music, is fantastic, thanx.


Anonymous said...

Dear Brilliant Mutants
I'm starting to evolve new auditory areas, Thanks to your mind bending auditory cocktails.
I'm wondering do you have any albums by the insane Australian band called "Vicious Hairy Mary"?
I used to see them live in the early to mid 90's, but alas there is no trace of there music around.


Anonymous said...

its a pity that all the links are down if you could reup it that would be nice
also the other stuff of felix kubins Gagarin Records that seems to be an interesting lable

hot blog!