Saturday, October 18, 2008

Robert Lawrence & Mark Phillips-The Dadacomputer,tape,1981,UK

At last!This masterpiece of electronic music made available to me and all of you! Dark experiments with lo-fi minimal-esque electronics. Metronomic rhythms the way Thomas Leer with Robert Rental provided them on their "Bridge" LP, robotic vocals, strange dada-like experiments. Much reminiscent of Leer-Rental ,John Bender , etc. Amazing stuff!Thank you Peter for this and the rest of the wonderfull stuff you provide me!

Note: this is shortly to be reissued by Iceage Productions, so the link has been removed. You can find out more info by visiting the Iceage Productions Myspace page Here


soundhead said...

amazing group of posts mutantsounds!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is a really weird creation. I very much have enjoyed:)

Anonymous said...

Wow. This is excellent. Different and very enjoyable. You can smell the production year and the small room this tape was recorded in. In parts it is noisy, but not too much and always with a good structure. A tremendous discovery for minimal synth lovers like me. Thank you very much!

kingpossum said...

Monumental. Which also describes the job you do every day Jim (and support crew) here at the Mighty Mutant!

Long may you prosper,

Anonymous said...

the people who made this are heroes and so are you.

thank you.

Rob said...

Many thanks for positive feedback.
Catch up with band on

Anonymous said...


The band has reformed virtually
and are currently at work on a new
project due for 2009 release !

Remixes from their extensive back catalogue + spanking new mixes will
become available.

Mutant 4ever !!

Rob said...

Hi friend.
I have a request -
The dadacomputer is shortly to become available as a limited edition CD release through Ice Age recordings in Melbourne Australia.
They have asked if the download link could be removed - with perhaps a redirect to their myspace or somesuch. Here is their site
plus the site they kindly set up for the dadacomputer
The CD is due for release at the end of this year! And I must thank you greatly for helping this happen, as I believe they discovered it through your site!!
Please write back, if you wish, regarding this.
All the best Rob[5X0D]

Rob said...

Release Date now: Feb 2011