Thursday, October 9, 2008

Deja Vu-Cosmic Zack,LP,1977,Germany

A very obscure release from Germany circa 1977. Typical of many private releases from late 70's Deutschland, Dιjΰ Vu attempt the Novalis style of progressive rock. The primary instrument is electric guitar and is accompanied by electric piano, sax, flute, bass and drums. There are also vocals with a traditional heavy Teutonic accent (some in English, some in German). I often wonder why these bands bothered with the vocals as it only detracts from the compositions. Fortunately, side two eschews the vocals for a more energetic instrumental approach. Musically, the band plays a safe, straightforward and somewhat jazzy (especially side 2) progressive music with some well done guitar/sax work amongst the otherwise mediocre compositions. File along with Credemus, Poseidon, Eden and a host of other well-meaning, but ultimately lacking, German bands from the late 70's/early 80's.

Tom Hayes
29-March-2001 for
A rather good Kraut rock(?) album,although i have to disagree with the above review. The compositions are not that strong and original for sure,but mediocre?No not at all. It's an essential listening for all German rock fans, with many psych/space moments,which might be out of time at the certain period but imagine this released 6 or 7 years back of it's time!

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A1 Inner Voice 5:27
A2 Cosmic Zack 9:04
A3 Andy 7:27
B1 Annamaya 6:44
B2 Möwenflug 8:30
B3 Antonia 8:45


Anonymous said...

Nice Post. Thanks for sharing.

Sadness said...

Well Mr M_S its been just great reading the write ups of the last 9 electronic albums plus the krautrock bands you have posted..absolutely brilliant..many thanks..
do you have a request section..would appreciate any help with german band SERENE from bout 1979-80..
all best and keep up the great work here..

Anonymous said...

Many thanks, always interesting music choice worth listening.

teapot kobaia mamma said...

this is great!
thanks :)

Anonymous said...

agree with original review. mediocre. but still super cool to have now. thanks again for letting us hear these rarities and judge for ourselves!!!!

Gianni aka Cesare Barbetta said...

this is a wonderful lp.
high quality tracks.
thank you for this new discovery!

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Anonymous said...

Hi mutantsounds,
finally got around to listening to the Kali Bahlu album posted ages ago, and there is an anomaly on track 3. Up until around 3:30 it's fine, but then it cuts straight into the last 2/3 of track 2. This has clearly been somehow stuck on there and the real rest of track 3 is gone, cutting off mid-way through her monlogue about the different flowers of the gurus. Is there any chance you could fix this problem and re-post?
thanks very much,

Count Drugula said...

Looking forward to listening to this, but I have to ask: What exactly do you mean by "the Novalis style of progressive rock." Are you referring to the German polymath? If so, that's an interesting descriptor for music, I'd be curious to hear your rationale behind that.