Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Half Church -In turmoil, 12" mini LP,1981,USA

Here's another repost from the wonderful Bimble's Windy Weather blog. Great UK sounding ,US post punk, reminding early Killing Joke,UK Decay and Gang of 4 in parts.Totally unknown and wonderful!

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I love this record.

The notes on the LP state that this was recoded at Streetlevel in London.

On the original blogpost of this record, one of the members' sons commented that his father was from the UK. No reference was made to any of the other band members being from the UK.

Anonymous said...

Good god. No, they were from San Francisco and recorded this ep in London. Here's the current bio of one of the members.

Anonymous said...

See also tracks on Monte's myspace. Oh, and a later project, Bambara Mask -- which also featured Robert Rich -- has their one (unreleased) recorded track available here.

Anonymous said...

YES I had this record, lost it, saw it again on and off in record stores, then only saw it in this nearby thrift shop, and am now too lazy to see if its in my record stack. Saw them play at the on-broadway in san francisco. The song "Red Planes" [?] was on the college radio a bit, esp KFJC. Great listing, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Half Church was definitely an American band who was apparently more popular in England than here in the states.

Their drummer, Bob Gaynor, was program director at KFJC FM, when I was doing radio there in the early 80's, he had an amazing radio show too, and he went by the on-air name of "Bob Doll".

And I did electrical contracting work for awhile with their vocalist, Jinx, who hailed from England.

Derek/Mister X on KZYX FM

Katherine said...

Yes, American. Love that anyone still remembers this band. Anyone know what happened to the drummer, Nathan Lindsay?