Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Zom Zoms - Lumboba's Tube,CDr,2003,USA

Zom Philmapster and Zoms Frenchman have been living and making music together for the past 7 years. Zom, a retired encyclopedia salesman, met Zoms when he took a job as a pizza delivery driver. Obsessed with the similarity of their first names, the two became fast friends and soon discovered their common love for the musical arts. Moving in together was a logical choice and it allowed Zom and Zoms to dedicate themselves almost exclusively to music (and delivering pizza, which they now do freelance). The results of the move-in lie within the first Zom Zoms CD, "Lumboba's Tube" , which compiles the duo's songs from 6 years of four-track tapes. The record deal with Instincto was arranged by Zom's cousin, Philip Philmapster, who became their manager soon after receiving a Zom Zoms cassette by accident. Zom and Zoms moved to Tuba City, Arizona (a place they consider home) for a year following the release of "Lumboba's Tube" to avoid the cult-following generated by the album. In December '03 however, Zom and Zoms moved back to Austin in response to Phil's pleading. Philip joined the band for its live performances and plays synthesizers on its recordings. Seth Nemec (of Nemec's LA Pizza fame) joined the group in 2005 on synthesizers. Zom Zoms have toured most of the USA (sorry North Dakota). They performed at the SXSW and CMJ music festivals in 2005 and 2006. They were banned from Canada for one year in 2005. Oh, and they broke up in December '06.
(From Zom Zoms myspace webpage)
Ingredibly weird electronic band from Austin Texas,combining Devo-ish freaked out electronic pop ,Negativeland weirdness and even Residents cartoonish experiments.HIGHLY RECOMMENTED!!!!!!!!!!!
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soundhead said...

these guys are my good friends!!

thank you for posting, haven't heard this in a while!!

Unknown said...

i first heard of these guys on austin student radio randomly in 2004 when they both got on the air to promote Lmbaobas Tube - it was both of them on the air being "interviewed" by some other guy, i was driving around and i just kept circling the same block because it was so weird and awkward and great that i thought i was going to wreck if i got onto the highway - i found out almost five years later that the "interviewer" was acutally just one of them impersonating a second character, so they interviewed themselves on student radio to promote this album, long live student radio

Ervin Berlin said...

that's only partially true...i know this because I was the DJ that interviewed them on college radio the time you speak of. They had a bunch of friends primed for calling them in and the interview sort of took on a life of its own. It was definitely highly memorable.

The interview (and some rad pics, 2 other songs) are actually posted here:


Unknown said...

You are thinking of the later Local Live performance, Ervin. Sam refers to the Lumboba's Tube release show in early January of 2003.

Unknown said...

Zom Zoms vinyl available for purchase here: http://monofonuspress.com/store/zom-zoms


Unknown said...

Jesus Christ man, just goes to show that if you search enough, one day you'll turn up results. I have had Yellow Rainbow for the longest time on CD, picked it up randomly at best buy once. Weird that best buy would have it, but I guess it makes sense, since I'm from Austin.

I always wanted to know what One Brain and Lomboba's Tube sounded like, and thanks to you, now I do, and its awesome. By the way, do you have One Brain by chance? Cause I'd go down on anybody to hear that one.