Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Skating for Cover-Rituals,tape,1983,UK

Here's a great and totally unknown release from Skating for Cover (a band known(?!) from the legendary Rumponia compilation from 1982(soon to appear here)). Great synth driven post punk with female vocals,Cure/Joy Division inspired bass lines,much reminding early Sad Lovers and Giants (albeit with female singer). Possibly this will soon appear to every minimal synth collector wants list!
get it here


W. said...

"Le Cortѐge" really is a gorgeous song, I remember it from the wonderful "Rumponia" LP and I look forward to hearing all of it again.

Many thanks legendary post.

attentioneconomy said...


love the singers voice

TheFigurehead said...

reminds me of Robert Smith and Steven Severin's side project "The Glove"

W. said...

Any chance of posting the Rumponia LP - it'd be much appreciated.