Wednesday, December 3, 2008


While the proceedings here may start out with a tidily unassuming post-rock-y gambit, this Ukranian unit have a lot more up there sleeves than this pleasant bit of wrongfooting would suggest, with the remainder largely demonstrating a group with a handy grasp of the evocatively desolate; Zoviet France-like ritualistic ambient esoterica, dissected and desiccated instrumental post punk emissions from the This Heat handbook and howling Alan Splet Eraserhead hells are all touched upon at varying times with some real aplomb here.

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Anonymous said...

iTunes tags say this is from 2003; says 2004. Definitely not as late as 2005.


- Guy who gets panties in a twist over proper dates. :O)

pallcast said...

Hi! Yuri Kulishenko of The Moglass is here. The material on Pallcast was recorded in 2003 and released by PseudoArcana records in 2004. I believe this cd is not available anywhere since Antony Milton deleted PseudoArcana cdr catalog, and I'm glad it appeared here.
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Best wishes to Mutant Sounds

vdoandsound said...

Hi Yuri,

Great to see you comment here. I've gotten a lot of pleasure from what I've heard of your work. If there's any out of print work of yours that you'd like to contribute, feel free to contact me at:


Anonymous said...

I have been a firm fan of Moglass for some time now. I discovered their music during a concerted investigation of eastern european experimental works. Great to see Moglass on Mutant.

Could I also recommend Infrared Army for an accessible and interesting mix of strings plus electronics. The one release i know of is Entrails, thought there is a free ep [Black Body] which can be found here:

bathmate mateus said...

Moderate posting....Need to be more informative.....
I hope this blog will do better in next time.


Anonymous said...

FREE DOWNLOAD of this one at Bandcamp ..