Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Reasonable Strollers-Secure,tape ,1984,UK

Here's another tape from the early 80s great UK DIY scene. Excellent funk-punkish tape,reminding much Entertainment era Gang of 4 ,Pop Group and James White extremities, but with a remarkable individuality.Connections with Three Times A Day and Glyph bros.

get it here


Tristes Tropiques said...

nice find! like the no wave sax action...


Anonymous said...

Hearing tale of an obscure comp. these peoples were on called V/a.- so you think we're all farmers.. Haven't ever seen this have ya? It has Ian elms on it as well.

zobin said...

I have that on vinyl - if you want I could record it (at some point) - bins

vdoandsound said...

zobin-by all means feel free to transfer and share that with us!


Anonymous said...

Any chance of a re-up?