Sunday, January 11, 2009


Drop dead staggering and completely unacknowledged genius from one of the principal madmen behind Severed Heads' early era, who's latter-day doings have mysteriously been off the radar of most everyone except the obsessively dedicated. Garry Bradbury's tenure in Severed Heads lasted from 1981-1985 and the exquisitely fucked and surrealistically penetrating sensibility he lent to the classic era of this epochal unit's work is writ large across every moment of this monster, his second solo outing (his first and other related work soon to be shared). Indeed, it's only Bradbury nowadays who's seen fit to continue elaborating on the (rottingly) fruitful exploits and tactics explored during Severed Heads' salad days; the signature mindwarping techniques of their artillery (cyclically decaying choral vocal loops, dissected punch press rhythms, precision tooled applications of sound byte irony etc) here being reluctantly sucked through the maw of some very severe and nerve rattling DSP computer malarky to ends both rapturous and teeth grinding.

Corpuscle Plus was a simultaneously released grab bag of alternate versions, remixes and otherwise unavailable work from the same sessions that was briefly on offer from both (the version on hand here) and from the artist himself and delightfully extends Bradbury's aesthetic remit into more zonated and washed out dimensions of electronic weirdity in a way not dissimilar to Die Trip Computer Die off their more abstract tip.


Get Ruffini Corpuscle via Rapidshare Here

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Get Corpuscle Plus via Rapidshare Here

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Anonymous said...

Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

I got this CD when it came out based solely on the collage on the cover and the music on the disc is just as good.

Anonymous said...

wonderful sounds
thanks a lot!!

morelikespace said...

thanks for bringing this to my attention!

Anonymous said...

hello, surprised to see this post. do you have more of contemporary DIY oz stuff from the 90's to now? how about more of earlier stuff like m squared label or david chesworth? interested in more?? need any more??

oh, by the way, any chance of re posting your mutant beach comp vol.3???




incredible blog. thank you for all the work . just amazing/

b.yoko said...

fantastic work! much thanks.

Anonymous said...

hahah, we had flyer with same photo on 2005 (photo by Alexandra Leykauf).
I think woman with this dead hungarian white rat was a bit more foxy)

Anonymous said...

Doubtful you'll post this, but at least you'll see it - the items you share are wonderful. When it comes to your descriptions of same, however, you are possibly the most tiresome pretentious twat this side - or that side - of The Wire.

vdoandsound said...

anonymous-I'm positively tickled to know that my it's not all hugs and kisses and that my verbiage has managed to polarize a small percentage of readers.
Wouldn't have it any other way. I must however give credit where credit is due: in the twat sweepstakes, you've got me beat by a mile.

dualpLOVER said...

would also be polite to while giving away material to alert people to how to buy the album legally and support gary and his label dualpLOVER.

both ruffini corpuscle (now as CDR version with original covers) and teh more recent Instant Obvilian (first edition CD still available are availble.


and here

you may also be intereted in side projects.



sister gwen mckay

and please support independent labels like ours with donations when downloading from bliogs like these.

otherwise you would of never heard bradburys output since his severed heads days.

vdoandsound said...

Dualplover-Firstly, very sorry to have somehow failed to note that Ruffini was still in print in some form before posting it. I would be happy to pull the link to this, if you'd like. My only goal here was to draw folks' attention to the brilliance of this work. FWIW, I had no idea that Dual Plover was actually his label. Does this mean that this is actually Gary (Garry?)
that I'm addressing? If so, I must humbly apologize if you don't approve of our actions...

dualpLOVER said...

no its not gary its lucas abela from dualplover here, although gary is a free agent to do what he likes where he likes he has consistantly released material through us since 2001. besides a CDR release of his Sydney Theatre work on toby grimes label which escapes me right now i would consider us his label especially now that we are working together on a new album due out later this year.

im happy for ruffini to be up on rapid share or whatnot but appreciate that it also be noted where one can buy legally and also where one may donate if they like the downloads.

to me blogs like this are todays radio and appreciate the support, and i do think now i think about it there was a spike in interest in the albums aroudn teh time you posted this.

still as your blog suggests he is a criminally underlooked artist whose contribution to SH is very misunderstood.

cheers and be well

vdoandsound said...

Hi Lucas,

Good to hear what you have to say.
I'll go ahead and put links to DualpLOVER on the rest of Gary's posts, urging folks to support your fine label and pick up an original of his.

All my best to you...