Tuesday, March 24, 2009


This long forgotten compendium was issued on the British Frux inprint, who brought you the equally superb Born Out Of Dreams compilation that Jim upped long ago. Just four units here (two related) and all at the top of their respective games, commencing with a truly exquisite and fairly atypical sojourn from DDAA thats as meditatively mantric as these Gallic art brut avatars have ever gotten, ultimately morphing into a spectral and Monitor-like detuned lurch. We Be Echo barrel through a bout of grey scale instrumental minimal synthy pound and then dramatically shift gears into pitch perfect femme vox synth pop without breaking a sweat, while Bene Gesserit serve up another choice round of their trademarked screwily seductive avant electropop and We Be Echo offshoot Iham-Echo close the proceedings in fine fashion with a protracted monochromatic minimal synth vista followed by an Eno-esque coda that seals the the whole shebang with a kiss.

Note: at the request of Kev Thorne of We Be Echo/Iham-Echo, I've removed the link to this post, as their material from this comp is evidently soon to be reissued and they therefore felt that the entirety of this post needed to be removed. Who am I to argue?

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Kev Thorne said...

please remove these download links. I have release some old webeecho tracks on the compilation album "Decades" by Vinyl On Demand Records, and the double-CD "Unleashed & Revisited", and we're hopnig to release the iham/echo tracks on vinyl shortly. Please check http://tdftl.com for details.

thanks, much appreciated.