Saturday, March 7, 2009


This was the first salvo in this long running series of comps on Brad Rose's Digitalis imprint and his contribution is certainly earning pride of place here, his Aligator Crystal Moth project opposite Brothers Of The Occult Sisterhood's Michael Donnelly demarcating a ritualistic terrain that shares a certain slippery nocturnal dream logic with the likes of Narwal and Mimir. Elsewhere, Charlambides' Tom Carter offers up some of his customary low key psychedelic solo string sprawl, Drona Parva suspend tangles of acoustic pluck in haloes of susurrating harmonics and Keijo & The Free Players manage to elicit drama from a barely-there waft of tape hiss, arcadian location recording, jews harp and triangle. Or maybe I'm just high.

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Oozlum said...

After listening to Wailing Bones im high too. thanks.

Cellar said...

Thanks! And thanks for using sharebee too..

Meatbreak said...

lord a'mercy! a post on mutant sounds that I actually already know about. my world just tipped a bit. mxbx

tek said...

Thank you-

Brad was such an excellent person. He is missed.

I would love to get digital versions of the other wailing bones comps. I'm particularly looking for Vol.14.