Sunday, March 15, 2009


This compendium was issued on transvestite ivory tickler and experimental audio polymath Hoppy Kamiyama's seminal God Mountain label, which for a time back in the 90's simply ruled the resurgent Japanese avant prog underground, having issued scene defining artifacts by Koenjihyakki, Tipographica, Demi-Semi Quaver and Optical*8 amongst a host of others. All the aforesaid contribute tracks here, alongside turns from other J-Prog and avant rock notables of the era (Altered States, P.O.N., Bass Army), though the guiding aesthetic behind this particular compilation appears to be jugular-directed, most parties here offering up particularly brain pan scouring contributions.

Track listing:

1. Altered States-Bug
2. P.O.N.-Petenshi #1?
3. Koenjihyakkei-Doi Doi (live)
4. Tipographica-Infinity Street Car (Previously Unreleased Version)
5. Dennis Gunn-Porky's Out To Lunch
6. Bass Army-Sneak Attack
7. Doom-The Scraps Screamed
8. E*Trance-Forbidden Place
9. Demi Semi Quaver-Rosa's Gunflower
10. Dissecting Table-Humanism 1
11. P.O.N.-George #1
12. Optical*8*-God Speed!
13. Royal Squeezit-P No Sokkyokyoku
14. Ground Zero-Null & Void: Preview
15. God Mountain Orchestra-Lebanon Core

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Thanks, Megaupload ain't a bad choice to go with. I don't have a premium account any more with them. but it seems to have a higher consistency of integrity than some of its peers.