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Datblygu-Datblygu 1985 - 1995,CD,1999,UK(Wales)

"The band was formed by vocalist David R. Edwards and instrumentalist T. Wyn Davies in 1982, with instrumentalist Patricia Morgan joining in 1985.[1] Edwards' lyrics were almost entirely in the Welsh language.[1] After four cassette-only releases on Casetiau Neon, the band had their first vinyl release in 1987 on Anhrefn Records, with the "Hugr-Grawth-Og" single, which was picked up by John Peel and led to a session being recorded for his BBC Radio 1 show (the first of five such sessions). The band's first album, Wyau (Eggs), was released in 1988, and was followed two years later with Pyst (Post) on the Ofn label. Davies left in 1990 and the group continued as a duo for a while, before being augmented by a series of musicians, notably drummer Al Edwards. Moving to Ankst Records, the Christmas-themed Blwch Tymer Tymor cassette was issued in 1991. Edwards collaborated with Ty Gwydr and Llwybr Llaethog on the 1992 album LL.LLV T.G. MC DRE, before releasing a final Datblygu album in 1993 with Libertino.[1] After a single, "Alcohol"/"Amnesia" in 1995, the band split up.
In August 2008 a new 7" single 'Can y Mynach Modern' (The Song of the Modern Monk) was released. The song recounts (over its brief ninety seconds) the turmoil and madness that engulfed Edwards as the band fell apart in the mid nineties and the long road to recovery that resulted from the fallout. The track is intended as a full stop on their legacy rather than a brand new start.
Datblygu have been cited as a major influence on the generation of Welsh bands that followed, including Gorky's Zygotic Mynci and Super Furry Animals (who covered Datblygu's "Y Teimlad" on their Mwng album)."
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Excellent Welsh band,singing only in Welsh .A wonderfull mixture of post punk,synth pop and even some folkish tunes. Much underrated and unknown ,sadly.
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cnjnctvsynth said...

Totally cool. The Fall in Welsh!

Peter Tron said...

yeah, that's what i thought when i heard them back in '92. i thought it was the fall, heh heh.

Lovely to hear this though, i think it was the popeth track on the LP that peely played back then that made me think it was the fall.

thanks again,


alan said...

yes... an absolutely fantastic album (as are all their other releases). Although I'm sure the band have absolutely no objections to the album being freely shared here, if anyone should want a physical copy of the CD, it is still available to buy from (along with just about all their other recorded output)

....after hearing this, I'm sure you will want to investigate further

Anonymous said...

I too can recall listening to this music on the Peel shows in the early 90's. Good memories!

In fact, a number of other Welsh artists were played by John Peel including a band named Anhrefn (hope I've spelt it correct.)

I think this band did a peel session with the Liverpudlian actress Margi Clarke on guest vocal.

Anonymous said...

yes, and other Welsh artists who recorded Peel sessions include the difficult to pronounce Y Llwybr Llaethog and the slightly easier Fflaps, both worth seeking out...

ROOKSBY said...

Great band, I was quite obsessed for a while back there! Still got all my lovely Datblygu stashed away but it's nice to finally hear the hard-to-find stuff on here... x

icastico said...

I was pleasantly surprised to find that their entire musical output is available on Rhapsody.

Anonymous said...

programme on dave and his current endeavours on s4c, welsh 4th channel soon.he is still surviving vodka and tomato juice a favourite tipple.yn aberteifi he still roams

Anonymous said...

Wicked release.

So sad they're no longer performing.
I wrote to Peel after one of their Sessions was aired thanking him for going the extra mile w/ Datblygu.

He sent me a postcard of Annie Nightingale in reply, ha ha.

hOU x

dee said...

Someone repost, please?

Anonymous said...

Link is dead, FYI

Nic said...

Many classic Datblygu tracks are up on YouTube; my favourite at the minute is Ugain i Un.

The Fall, of course, are the English Datblygu.

Verysixty said...

Link is dead ... i'd like to listen to this, could you repost ?