Sunday, March 29, 2009

CLOISTER CRIME - Devilish songs for an unredeemable,1984,tape,Sweden

Great release from Konduktor records.This 40 minutes tape contains great minimal synth/experimental tracks,blended with a claustrophobic feeling .Reminds much Clock DVA early recordings, Voice of America era Cabaret Voiltaire,etc.Incredible!

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Music Online said...

I like your blog you have a good content.. keep sharing! Thanks!

barrington said...

this is so good thank you!

Anonymous said...

Sounds great, thanks once agian MS!

nattliga_toner said...

Actually, this cassette is still in print. You can get it (and other Konduktör releases) at

anthony said...

Hi, thanks for posting such a great minimal sythn album, your site is excellent.
Can you please post the album by Friz Be titled "Hmmmm....." if you have it,
Thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

never heard this stuff before, thanks

been looking for Spoozys-Astral Astronauts, no luck, thanks again, BC

Cristho70 said...

Hi MS ,
I'm looking for NIKI MONO -Contradictions Are A Luxury Lp , Please Can you Help me ?
Thanks anyway !!


hey there whomever keeps this wonderfull blog.

I happen to have a very rare electronic gem I consider to be the best album that came out of my country in the early 80's (venezuela). I'm new to blogger so i don't know how to contact the contributors here ( when i click on email this stupid mac thing pops up and i haven't set it up yet not ever cause it costs money or something ). so, I really want to post this thing here, or give it to someone who can post it, the artist is called Angel Rada and the record is called UPADESA. i have more info about him, if someone is interested in posting this amazing spacey recording please contact me at my email , might as well be one of the top 10 albums to be posted here ever.

thedrumlessdrum said...

Splendid work as always. My compliments to all at Mutant Sounds and congrats on the Dardos nomination.

May I link to your blog from my newly created
blog "The Drumless Drum" if your agreeable? Please feel free to reciprocate if you so wish.


Thanks in advance

The Drumless Drum

Anonymous said...

really glad you're mining the borft/konduktor scene please keep at it!...yes this tape is still in print, but thanks

also, to the angel rada upadesa poster, you have this on vinyl?? congrats, I think it was posted elsewhere, but if that's dead, yeah killer record.

MP, recently rediscovered one of my fave bands, the Italian neo-psych 80s band 'No Strange,' and realized I only had their second and third records (both amazing), so I'm requesting their first, "trasparenze e suoni" anybody got this? thanks

Margot F. said...

Thank you very much for your nominee for my blog!!!


a. m. "pompitas" alonzo said...

fucking awsome. keep up the good work! my faith in humanity is growing and growing.

genericPlacebo said...

now i cn stop re-listening to all those chris n cosey, severed heads an similar sultry things i keep wearing out..
fantastic like you said. now i gotta search for incredible an just start downloading again.
hope your move went well.
thnks again...
& again

Film said...

excellent stuff!!

Anonymous said...

stupid swedes :( / METEK