Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Following my post of this peculiar and fascinating French post-industrial group's "L'Or'N Cat" LP and Jim's post of their Fishes LP, here is, for me, their very finest hour, though the first bit out of the gate here might unintentionally wrongfoot the uninitiated as hammering Test Dept./Dissecting Table-style industrial rhythms set the stage. Such tactics however are but a fraction of the arsenal that Geins't Nait have in their bag of tricks, which takes in everything from deformed minimal synthy technopop ala Bene Gesserit to Nurse With Wound like surrealist malarky, but with a polymorphous inclusivity that treats every methodology concocted during this genre's heyday as grist for their mill, and by dint of that bears closest comparison to the polyvalent maneuvers of Dutch maestros De Fabriek. A consummation and distillation of their various strategies and a a fine example of what continues to remain vital about the output of this era. Thanks to longstanding blog friend Fuzztunnel for this gem.

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tristan.koreya said...

more GN :

Anonymous said...

have yet to hear this one , but the other three titles I do have blow chunks.....
Miserable , and boring. Truly a waste of valuable listening time.
soooo , am hesitant to touch this