Saturday, July 11, 2009


Briefly issued many years back as an individually burned CDR from (long since deleted), this sensational compendium of Australian experimental electronic talent is very deserving of a wider reception. Featuring several Aussie notables that have been displayed in the MS vitrine over time (Bradbury, Loop Orchestra, Minit), this is anything but the odd-'n'-sods mop up job of loose ends that so many comps often wind up being, the artists involved almost to a one delivering top of their game material, including hacked-'n'-chopped digital effluvia from Rik Rue, Andrews and Wake Up And Listen, the Loop Orchestra's dysfunctional calliope quease and compilation cappers from Minit , who offer a sublime continuum of oscillating ooze and the slowly coalescing ping/bloop architecture of Bradbury.

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Anonymous said...

Another great document, from the early 2000's is the Strewth! compilation on Synaesthesia record. It featured contributions from Aussie/NZ artists: Candlesnuffer, Delire, Philip Samartzis, zyzx, Xonk, Cray, Matthew Thomas, Netochka Nezvanova, Darrin Verhagen, Dave Franzke, Rosy Parlane, Oren Ambarchi
Auigiugui, Squinch , Dion Workman.

Worth checking out if you are curious about happenings in this part of the world...



Anonymous said...

Thanks bro!

Anonymous said...

awesome. thanks.

now if only you could provide the first static / museum. man, but i want that one something terrible.

Shannon said...

Thanks for this. You can find more Rik Rue, Wake Up and Listen and related sounds for free download at Alias Frequencies.

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