Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Damn fine studio slicked New Wave pop eccentricity that mates the quirk pop polish of early Split Enz/early Tubes with the puckish herky jerk of of early XTC and Tin Huey (and by dint of that, makes this "Zolo" to a certain small sector of obsessives), though admittedly the smirkily mannered and hiccupy vocals here might be a deal breaker for some. 

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Oozlum said...
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franz said...

very strange, but the more i listen to it - the more i like it. - fascinating post! i only knew his stiff-single "telephone" and i liked it a lot when it came out. i guess he released an earlier lp, maybe on stiff, too?
- anyway, many thanks for this great one!

Anonymous said...

I recall hearing that this guys plays in stan ridgway's band now! thanks for this!!

Anonymous said...

Great stuff...a lot of this sounds very similar to "Stateless" by Lene Lovich, not just production-wise, but he really does sound like a male version of her in places. It is absolutely no surprise that this guy works with Ridgeway, too!

Jack Celliers said...

Hey, I'm hearing this and it's awesome. Now something very obvious to me: this guy had heard Hikashu.

Tell me if the second track, Iron on Courage, doesn't sound like Kohichi Makigami and Hikashu at its peak, it even sounds somewhat japanese to me.