Saturday, July 11, 2009


This choice document of 80's American marginal fringe malarky carries on where the first installment that I posted a few weeks back left off, with many of the same parties reappearing here and articulating a distinctly rough hewn American spin on this era of improv, tape collage, noise and assorted avant esoterica; pride of place on this one for me going to the Woo-meets-Biota wobble of Canada's Violence & The Sacred and Randy Greif's spot-on roundelay through subterranean mesmerism.

Track listing:

Violence & The Sacred-Butchered Edit
Blitzoids-Theme From A Summer Place
German Shepherds-It's Always Wet In Debby's Prison
Randy Greif-A Lot Like You
German Shepherds-The First Man To Give Birth
Musica Menta-Weasels Of Tibet
Furry Couch-Skeleton Orchestra
Proof Of Utah-Hot Rods To Hell
Gary Marks-Improvisation 1-19-88
Eugene Chadbourne-A-The First Porthole Solo In History, B-The Last Communist Banjo Solo Of 1987
Elizabeth Harper-Green
Scott Marshall-The Enemy Within

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fuzztunnel said...

The presence of Randy Greif is always a good thing... thanks!

Anonymous said...

i love these series....the last time i heard these were at the 3d programme of greek radio by hristos tsanakas....i have taped you know anything about these? i recorded them from a broadcast of argyris zhlos at the 80s

DDV said...

Happy to meet the German Shepherds again here.

siys said...

Thanks for posting What Is Truth? Volumes 1 & 2! Hope you post Volume 3 soon! Thank you!!

Death Factory said...

I'm on Vol. 3 (as Mike Krause) ! cool you are doing this .

Death Factory said...

cool you are doing this . I'm on Vol. 3 (under my own name Mike Krause)